Report Card: Week 17

The Bills finish the season with a whimper, losing to the Patriots, 13-0. Their poor performance is reflected by their dismal final report card...

Quarterback: C-

Trent Edwards has yet to prove that he can handle playing in the fierce Buffalo weather. He was 14 of 25 in the 55 mph winds, but he could not make the big plays in the second half when it mattered. On fourth down in the fourth quarter, he missed Josh Reed by a mile on a quick pass that should have been made. He also fumbled on a costly drive in the third quarter that led to the Patriots' lone touchdown.

Running Backs: A

Fred Jackson did his job during the game. You knew it was going to be a heavy running day and Jackson pulled it off by rushing 27 times for 136 yards. He had a few impressive runs, specifically a 32-yard run that should have led to a Bills score. But we all know how that turned out.

Offensive Line: C

Jackson had his running room which was the only bright spot for these dim bulbs that the Bills call their offensive line. Edwards could have used more time in the pocket to perfect his accuracy on a blustery day. He was sacked twice and they both came at key moments in the game. Duke Preston got involved in a shoving match at the end of the second half that prevented a field goal attempt from ever taking place. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Tight Ends: F

Robert Royal still cannot catch and Derek Fine got involved with Preston in a shoving match before the end of the half, we all saw it and it hurts to even think about it. If there really is a Santa he would have given the Bills' tight ends some talent or given the team some new ones.

Wide Receivers: B

They did what they could in these difficult conditions. Lee Evans was the star of the group with five catches for 63 yards. Josh Reed also made a few nice questions that got the Bills a few first downs, but this only gave the fans false hopes that the Bills would actually do something productive.

Defensive Line: C

A defensive lineman got a sack! Hooray! Congratulations, Kyle Williams! And Ryan Denney led the team with 11 tackles, congratulations to him too. With Matt Cassel passing only eight times in the game, you would think they'd be a little more focused on the running game, but they weren't. That can be attributed more to the coaching staff than to the actual players. But it should have been a more powerful showing today.

Linebackers: D

You knew the Patriots were going to run the ball all day because of the 55 mph winds, yet they still were allowed 168 yards on the ground. How does this happen? Miscues and missed tackles are the answer. Stacking the box did not work today, and the few times the Bills blitzed, it was not effective. Posluszny, Mitchell, and Ellison were no where near the leaders in the tackles today, which is surprisingly disappointing for this group of guys.

Secondary: C

The few times Cassel passed, it was usually for a first down. The Bills had no solid coverage today, because they were too focused on the run, and they didn't stop that either. If Cassel dropped back, you pretty much knew it was going to be for a first down.

Special Teams: C

It's hard to blame the kickers on a day like Sunday. The powerful winds did their job in making the special teams for both teams look stupid. Punts were short and field goals were missed, which is what one could expect in this type of weather. Fred Jackson did have a nice 30-yard punt return, but of course that didn't lead to any points.

Coaching: F

With 22 seconds left in the half and no timeouts, you run the ball up the middle on 3-and-5 from New England's 12? This was a stupid play call right up there with Losman's blunder against the Jets a couple of weeks ago. December used to mean a month long of Bills victories because visiting teams could not handle the weather, but now it is Buffalo's own team that struggles in the cold. Jauron, Fewell, and Schonert have all proved that they do not know how to adjust a game plan accordingly. Jauron and crew should be worried about their jobs next year, because three years of having a 7-9 record only proves consistency in being mediocre at best.

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