Moulds on Bledsoe's recent struggles

Drew Bledsoe is not as hot as he had been earlier in the season. Here's what Eric Moulds had to say about that.

Q: Do you think Drew's struggles are weather-related?

Eric Moulds: Drew has played well in cold weather. I mean he played in New England for nine years. And he had bad games in cold weather in New England. It's just a thing where some games he's going to play well in. Some games he's not. It's a lot of different things that factor into it: we didn't compete a lot of passes last week because there was pass interference, and then there were other opportunities that we just didn't connect on.

Q: What about wind conditions? It was extremely windy last Sunday vs. San Diego.

Moulds: It's tough to throw the ball in those kinds of conditions. That's why you need a guy like Travis Henry and a big offensive line to pound the football. So when you take those shots down the field, you're gonna have those shots. At the same time, it's tough to throw into those conditions.

Q: Have his difficulties been compounded by the fact that he might be pressing?

Moulds: You could see how a quarterback might press, but Drew has played the position so long, I think he just goes out there and relaxes, and says, ‘Hey, I missed a couple throws here and there. I think I can make the next throw.' And he goes out there and plays. He's not going to perfect on every throw, I don't care what quarterback you are. It's tough. As a receiver you just have to adjust to his throws no matter where they might be.

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