Bills Q&A with NFL Expert Adam Caplan NFL analyst Adam Caplan answers seven burning Buffalo Bills questions heading into the off-season. Caplan hits on Jason Peters' contract situation, Buffalo's biggest needs this spring, Trent Edwards' future and much more...

Q: What do you believe are Buffalo's top three needs heading into this off-season?

1) Wide Receiver - James Hardy had serious knee surgery so he can't be counted on and he was a major work in progress before he got hurt. They have to find someone opposite Lee Evans who can be a factor. Josh Reed is more of a slot receiver.

2) Defensive End - Chris Kelsay has not been the pass rusher that they probably thought he would be when he signed a new deal in 2007. So they have to find major pass rushing help.

3) Center - This position has been in flux for some time so they need to figure out who will be starting for a long time to come.

Q: Who is available in free agency that the Bills could realistically pursue to address these needs?

Wide Receiver - Antonio Bryant makes sense. He's the kind of physical presence they could use. T.J. Houshmandzadeh would be a nice possession receiver to complement Evans.

Defensive End - Julius Peppers would obviously help although he's very inconsistent. Terrell Suggs makes more sense and he offers tremendous versatility. He's much more consistent than Peppers.

Center - Matt Birk for three more years. Jason Brown makes the most sense for a long-term deal.

Q: Do you think the Bills will test the waters for a veteran quarterback to push Trent Edwards? In other words, do you think the team is sold on Edwards as the franchise quarterback?

I think they believe he's the starter for a long time. He wasn't the same after he suffered that hard hit against the Cardinals and subsequent concussion. I imagine they will sign an experienced veteran to back him up.

Q: What is most likely to happen with left tackle Jason Peters, who wants a hefty contract extension?

He has two years left on his current deal so it's possible that he signs an extension that will put him in the range of the top-five left tackles in the NFL. His current deal is clearly undervalued. Bryant McKinnie, for example, is making much more on a yearly average basis and Peters is widely recognized to be a much better player.

Q: How can Dick Jauron possibly build on last season's collapse of eight losses in 10 games? What does this team have to build on?

Too many things went wrong last season on both sides of the ball.

Offensively, Edwards got hurt and he was never the same, Marshawn Lynch was too up and down and needs to be more consistent, they had no one to help Evans, Peters' holdout hurt them early on, and Reed's absence due to injury was also a factor.

Defensively, the loss of Aaron Schobel hurt tremendously as he's their only true pass rusher. And losing Angelo Crowell early on hurt as well as many believe he was arguably their best linebacker.

Q: Do you think the Bills will make any kind of push to re-sign Jabari Greer, considering Leodis McKelvin is waiting in the wings?

Possibly because Reggie Corner, who showed some flashes, may not be ready for a nickel role. If Greer's willing to take a nickel role, then it's possible that he returns.

Q: In retrospect, do you think last off-season's acquisitions of Marcus Stroud, Kawika Mitchell and Spencer Johnson panned out?

Stroud is not the same player he once was earlier in his career with Jacksonville, but he's still a decent player. Mitchell did a decent job, but really is a marginal starter at this point. As for Johnson, he proved to be what they signed him to be--that's as a solid backup/rotational player. I'm told he has a $2.5 roster bonus coming up in March so it's not a lock that he will be back.

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