Bills quotebook

Here's an array of Bills quotes from the 10-0 Packers loss.

Gregg Williams

On Bledsoe's first quarter interception from the Green Bay 4

"It was probably a little bit late throw and I think he had some pressure in his face. It was a combination of both of those."

On red zone problems

"You hate that down there – to come out of the red zone area without points. We missed a field goal down there too. We had an opportunity to get some points down there."

On whether the Packers did anything different that they hadn't seen before

"Not really. There wasn't anything different."

On the immensity of not capitalizing on turnovers

"It was huge that we didn't capitalize on those, especially in the opening when we wanted to start fast. That's part of us getting ahead. So when we're ahead at the end of the ball game, we can feature Travis more. We didn't capitalize on that. That was disappointing."

On not capitalizing on chance to make playoffs

"It's a disappointing loss today."

On Bledsoe's failure to hit a big pass play

"We needed to come up with one of those. Better throw, better catch, better route, whatever. But we needed to execute a few of those, take some people out around the line of scrimmage so that we can run the ball more effectively."

On Mike Hollis' missed 33-yard field goal

"He just pushed it. He had plenty of distance, all that kind of stuff. He just pulled it."

Eric Moulds

On lack of offense

"We just didn't make the plays. When you come to a tough place like Green Bay, you've got to make the most of the opportunities.

On Bledsoe's recent struggles

"It's not totally Drew. It's the offense collectively. Guys got to take care of their own business. And really just go out there and help him out a little bit. We can't just go out and put this offense on one guy. He made some (throws) today that he usually makes. As receivers we got to go out there and make plays for him. We didn't do it enough today to win the game."

On execution

"Well we just didn't execute like we should have. They did a few things that mixed it up on us and we didn't capitalize as far as readjusting our focus and taking what they gave us. We tried to force some things and they took advantage of that."

Travis Henry

On the opportunities

"We had our chances. But Drew, he got sacked and he lost the ball. We just didn't play well. We didn't play for him."

Drew Bledsoe

On red zone failures

"We really needed to turn that into points down there. And to have a turnover down there, that really was a huge point in the ball game – to start off that way and not capitalize on it."

"We came out and gave good effort the whole game and at times created opportunities for ourselves, but we just didn't put it in the end zone; didn't come away with points."

On the 54-yard drive to open the second half

"We did some similar things. We tried to go with some quicker throws and avoid throwing it downfield where the wind was more of a factor, but we just came out and executed on that drive, unfortunately, we didn't capitalize on it and come out with points."

On the wind

"When you're playing in the wind you tend to not try to put as much trajectory on the ball. You try to throw it on a lower trajectory that way you can control it a little bit. But it does make it harder. You have to compensate for it a little bit. And you have to throw it on more than a line like that the window is small."

On the interception from the Green Bay 4

"First interception, he was covering over the middle. He was open. Throw was a little high and he just wasn't able to come down with it. Sharper was just back there waiting on it."

On Green Bay's players

"They've got good players over there."

On Jonas Jennings gutting it out the whole game with a sprained ankle

"My hat goes off to Jonas Jennings for his courageous play today to come out and play through the injury he has and to show up and give us the effort he did today. It was an outstanding effort by Jonas just to be on the field, and also to play well for a part of the game."

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