Report: Marijuana found in Lynch's vehicle

A WGRZ report sheds new light on Marshawn Lynch's arrest from last Wednesday...

Things just went from bad to worse for Marshawn Lynch. Apparently, a gun wasn't the only illegal object in his car last Wednesday.

Things just went from bad to worse for Lynch, who was just running for the AFC in Hawaii two weekends ago.

Police captain Dave Tankenson told WGRZ-Buffalo that marijuana was found in Lynch's car when he was arrested last week on charges of gun possession.

When police approached Lynch's car, the vehicle was still running for some odd reason. It also did not have a legal license plate.

"They (officers) knocked on the window of the car," Tankenson told WGRZ. "Someone unrolled the window. They saw three people in the car and they could smell a strong odor - marijuana coming from the car. They had the occupants exit so they could further investigate to see if there was any marijuana in the car. What they found were four, not marijuana cigarettes - what they call blunts or swisher sweets that appeared to contain marijuana in them."

After this, police found the loaded gun that turned out to be Lynch's. The District Attorney will determine whether or not the running back is charged next week. Lynch is also subject to suspension by the NFL, which doesn't treat second-offenders kindly. Last year, Lynch was embroiled in a hit-and-run case."

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