Lynch charged with 3 misdemeanors

Official charges were levied on Marshawn Lynch. Get the scoop inside, full with all links tracking the Buffalo Bills' starting running back...

Marshawn Lynch was charged with three misdemeanors Thursday, stemming from his arrest last week in California.

The Buffalo Bills' running back was charged with having a concealed, loaded and unregistered firearm, reports say. He was arrested in Culver City on Feb. 11 when police scented marijuana coming from his vehicle. They searched the car and discovered the loaded pistol.

Lynch's arraignment is slated for March 3.

"We would have preferred no criminal charges. However, given that charges were filed we are pleased that they are misdemeanors as opposed to felonies," said Lynch's attorney, Gerald Schwartzbach to the Associated Press.

At the NFL Combine, Buffalo head coach Dick Jauron expressed his displeasure – though he did not hint at any future punishment from the team.

"You never like to see any Bills names or really an NFL name in the news in regards to those kinds of incidents," Jauron said in Indianapolis.

Now that the charges have been levied, punishment could now be in the league's court. Considering Lynch's hit-and-run brush with the law last year, he may face a hefty suspension.

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