Taylor visits Buffalo

Veteran free agent running back stopped at One Bills Drive today. What he did he say? And what does it mean? The story and analysis inside...

As expected, Fred Taylor visited the Buffalo Bills today. The free agent running back will also visit New England.

Taylor was released by Jacksonville Feb. 16. The Jaguars plan on moving forward with Maurice Jones-Drew as the full-time back. Reports indicate the two sides are working on a long-term extension.

The Bills are in the market for a running back in lieu of Marshawn Lynch's arrest in California. Lynch was charged with three gun-related misdemeanors. Considering Lynch is a second offender after his hit-and-run drama last year, the NFL is expected to suspend Lynch.

Taylor may be the answer.

"After I visit those places, and yes, I do have to go to New England later this afternoon," Taylor said, "but after I visit with those places, visit with the staff, I just want to put everything on the table, get back with my agent (Drew) Rosenhaus and just see.

At my age, it has to be a fit. It has to be that right fit from an offensive standpoint, as far as the staff, just everything. At the end of these visits, or wherever I have to go from here, I'll just put every team on the plate and say this place, these are the pros and cons, and this place, these are the pros and cons."

One major con for the Bills is that they're clearly further away from title contention than the Patriots. Taylor, 33, wants to play for a contender.

Still, Buffalo head coach Dick Jauron used to be an assistant in Jacksonville --- a memory that Taylor hasn't forgotten.

"But I must tell you, I love (head) coach (Dick) Jauron, being that I had him as a rookie in Jacksonville," Taylor said. "There's a great deal of respect, mutual respect every time we play each other, we find each other on the field just to say our hellos and stuff, so he's a great man. I like Buffalo. It's been an outstanding visit. You guys aren't beating me up too bad. It's cool, so we'll see."


Don't expect Taylor to start working at McDonalds with an offer from the Olive Garden on the table. The Patriots have so much more to offer: Tom Brady, Super Bowl hopes, three rings, happiness and a chance to start from day one (no questions asked).

Buffalo? It's unlikely the NFL will levy a suspension beyond four games to Lynch. Throw in Fred Jackson and Taylor runs the risk of being the third-string back on a cellar-dwellar. That sounds about as much fun as sitting in the nosebleeds at a November Wizards/Thunder NBA game.

Unless of course, the Bills are planning to trade Lynch. If that's the case, Taylor may be intrigued. Buffalo has $10 million in guaranteed money tied up in Lynch, though, so I don't see this happening --- as much as a great statement that'd be. Look for the Bills to grit their collective teeth and give Lynch one more chance to not screw up.

All in all, look for Taylor to wind up in New England. Unless the Bills can blow him away financially and with a promise he'd start, Taylor will playing against Buffalo twice next season.


Think Taylor might be using the Bills for negociating leverage? Could he realistically be a Bill next year?

Go to the Taylor thread in the Rockpile and get your opinion out there.


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