Scouting Report: Ryan Fitzpatrick's Tom Marino was the Eastern US scout for the St. Louis Rams and the cross-checker for all the top-rated quarterbacks and wide receivers in the country. Get his unique take on the Buffalo Bills' new backup quarterback inside...

Ryan Fitzpatrick

2005 – 4 games, 777 yards, 4 touchdowns, 8 interceptions, 56.3 completion percentage

2006 – 1 game

2007 – DNP

2008 – 13 games, 1,905 yards, 8 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, 59.4 completion percentage

--- He's a particularly good athlete for a quarterback who gets to the set point on his three and five step drops. As a college player he had a problem with his ball carry (placement) on his drops but (Mike) Martz and (John) Ramsdell fixed it in one minicamp. He has a quick delivery albeit somewhat low. His arm was good but not exceptional. His throwing delivery was somewhat awkward (I thought he tended to grip the ball too far up on the ball. He can get the ball out quick, but early on the game was a little too fast for him. You have to remember that he never had a spring practice while attending an Ivy league school. He was behind all other college QB's entering the pro game, but I don't think he had any problems picking things up and picking up his hot reads. His intelligence transfers to the football field. He's from Arizona and is a great guy. His brother I believe was a swimmer at Notre Dame.

--- It's hard for me to judge if he has leadership skills, based on his standing (number three quarterback when he got there). He had a number of balls knocked down early on and had a tendency to eyeball receivers.

--- He is particularly effective when throwing from dash or on the move. He also showed the ability to throw the ball from awkward positions. He can make time with his movement in the pocket (nifty) and is a tough individual. He's proven to be a durable player, but I thought he tended to play small. Won't go in the tank...and he didn't rattle easily. Has adequate throwing accuracy particularly on his flair action. Doesn't work the receivers or put the ball in bad positions. I know Martz really liked him, but from why I have seen in the last two seasons, he looks like a journeyman player at best (can get you through a game or play for a short period of time), but does not have starting skills.

--- A couple of other things. He checks down well and did show some creativity when the play broke down. With the Rams most of his bad throws (picks and missing open targets) were the results of him trying to make a play when he should have killed the play. I'm certain he is better at this stage of his career. One thing to remember in the Ivy league they play ten game seasons and have no spring practice. Considering the fact that most college QB's red shirt, he literally missed 80 days of spring practice during his career by playing in the Ivy League.

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