"America's Team" to "North America's Team"

Catch the transcript to Terrell Owens opening press conference inside...

On when the deal came together:

You'll have to talk to Drew (Rosenhaus). I've just kind of been at home, relaxing and once he and I met with Jerry Jones and Steven Jones, and we parted ways, the next day, he got busy, so once he told me that these guys were interested, I was looking for a home.

On what made him decide to sign with the Bills:

You never know. God has a place for me. He has a plan for me. This may not be the most ideal place for a lot of people, but I'm the guy. I beat to my own beat sometimes, my own thinking, my own intuition. Well, for me, this is an opportunity. It's an interesting situation, no matter what uniform, I put on, I perform, so it's not a matter of what tipped the scale. It could be money, it could be this, you never know. I will say that it's an opportunity. I saw how the Bills started last year and they made some eyes open last year, so if I can be that extra added piece to the puzzle to get them to the playoffs and make something happen, then that's what I'm here for. At this point in time in the league you can't really just sit and say, ‘ok, this team is going to get to the Super Bowl.'

When I was in Dallas, we were picked to be in the Super Bowl and we didn't make the playoffs. Nobody would have thought that the Arizona Cardinals would have been in the playoffs. At this point of time in my career, it doesn't really matter about the team that you think is going to make it to the playoffs and go to the Super Bowl. It's all about X's and O's, going out and making plays and I looked at the defensive side of the ball, and I looked at the offensive side of the ball. These guys have all of those pieces, you know? If I can add to that we'll get where we need to be.

On his previous divisiveness and selfishness with his former teams:

That's all hearsay. If you look at all of the comments that have come from all of my teammates with the Cowboys, it's all been positive. Prior to that, I can't really… I don't really want to get into it. I'll let my teammates speak highly and I think they have done that. They've spoken and they speak loudly as to what transpired.

On what role he hopes to play in the locker room:

I'm going to be the same person that I was the last three years with the Cowboys. When I'm on the football field, I'm a passionate guy. I demand a lot from myself and from the guys around me. I'm sure those guys and some of the guys around the league and in the locker room that I was with for three years all know that whatever is being said out there, it's not accurate.

On Buffalo Bills QB Trent Edwards:

Trent has tremendous upside. As I said earlier, as a player, you kind of watch games, you watch highlights, and I think Buffalo gave themselves a buzz. They were hot at the beginning of the season, they didn't finish well, but with someone like myself, I can come in, I can add that extra piece, and we can get over the hump. With Trent, I saw tremendous upside. I saw he was an accurate passer, one of the things I asked my receiving coach was how many times has he been sacked last year? And with that being said, that means he's getting protection, and if he's getting protection, we're going to get open.

On how much longer he would like to play:

Right now, I'm just focusing on the 2009 season, that's about it. I feel like I can still play. I can still run and as long as I'm healthy, I'll continue to play. People have asked me that the past couple of years and I've always told them, as long as God keeps me healthy and I'm able to be productive, then I'll play.

On if there were other teams interested in signing him:

There was interest. To get into it doesn't make any sense right now. I'm here with the Buffalo Bills. I'm a Buffalo Bill right now and right now I'm just going to start with that.

On meshing with WR Lee Evans:

I haven't talked to Lee personally, but he was on the phone with Coach (Tyke) Tolbert. He was very excited about it, excited about the opportunity to have a threat on the other side. I'm sure he'll be excited as well. That's what we tried to do in Dallas with bringing Roy (Williams) there. For whatever reason, midway during the season, that didn't work out. That doesn't bother me. I feel like my play kind of speaks for itself. The opportunity kind of presents itself. I make those plays, we make things happen, and as I know, and as everyone knows, Lee's been doing that since he's been here. I think we'll complement each other.

On if there will be an adjustment for him, moving from a larger market to a smaller one:

No, not at all. I just have to create my own following up here in North America. I'm leaving America's team to come to North America's team. I'm looking forward to the opportunity, and I'm excited about it.

On switching to a more wide-open conference:

Being a wide receiver, that's music to my ears. The thing is we're going to get to work real soon, as soon as we can get on the field. I'm going to get myself from Coach Tolbert the plays down, get the system down, the routes, the system, all of that stuff. The sooner we can get that done, the better we'll be. It's all about communication when you're out there on the football field, anyway. I'm looking forward to the opportunity. Get ready.

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