Five questions with Trey Teague

Q: Were you pleased with your first year with the Bills? Teague: When you play four years to make a living in one place, then come someplace else, you have to live up to expectations. It worked out great. Playing center fits my talents. I'll prepare myself to play the position again during the off-season.

Q: Was there a point during this season when you felt the offensive line got it?

Teague: If you're thinking, "We've got it," you probably don't. We've still got room for improvement.


Q: What do you think about Drew Bledsoe taking you and the linemen to the Pro Bowl?

Teague: I'm kind of amazed. This year I received things from guys that I had not received in the past. I'm grateful. We knew they appreciated us before, but this really said it.


Q: Besides going to Hawaii, what will you do during the off-season?

Teague: I'll go to Tennessee, take some time away, do some hunting and fishing. Then I'll get ready to come back.


Q: You look at the teams that made the playoffs and you might think you could beat some of them if you'd won one or two more games. Would you be disappointed if you didn't make the playoffs next season?

Teague: I think we're disappointed now when we see the teams that are in. Months ago, I said we didn't want to be sitting and looking at a team we're better than while we're sitting home. But that's what happened.

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