T.O. comes to town

Terrell Owens surprisingly showed up to One Bills Drive this week. The maligned receiver had previously said that he traditionally doesn't come to voluntary workouts See everything that T.O. he had to say inside...

Terrell Owens doesn't understand what all the commotion is about.

With his Bills hat flipped backwards, T.O. expressed his irritation with the media backlash for him not showing up to Buffalo's voluntary workouts March 23.

"That's what's so frustrating about the whole thing is that everybody nitpicks at anything and everything I do," Owens said.

If an alleged suicide attempt, a physical fight with an assistant coach and perpetual quarterback-alienation are not grounds for constant interrogation than what is? At 36 years of age, Owens has earned the right to be critiqued every step of the way. Still, it's good that Owens finally came to his senses and showed up this week. He has had the opportunity to work with Trent Edwards and – believe it or not – T.O. is conversing with teammates.

Here's what T.O. had to say in his second appearance as a member of the Buffalo Bills:

On showing up to workouts:

I think you guys only got a piece of the story, what was reported. When the guy asked me about it. I told the guy, I informed him that I've never really come to any optional, voluntary camps. I said that doesn't mean I'm going to show up. I know at some point I have to get acclimated with the system, come here with some of the guys. I think you guys only got a piece of what was reported, which is the case nine times out of ten.

On how much he's done with Trent Edwards:

The last couple of days, we've got some throwing in. Trent was out there yesterday, and today some of the other guys were out there. I'm just trying to get familiarized with the offense and the signals and things like that.

On his observations of Edwards:

Well, he throws a nice ball, so this is early, and we obviously have a long way to go and so I'm looking forward to getting to minicamps, OTAs, and training camp is really where it all begins.

On Troy Aikman's recent observations about the Dallas Cowboys:

That's fine. Troy is Troy. I think he has three Super Bowl rings, so he has the authority to say that. Other than that, I'm fine. I've been called selfish pretty much throughout my career. I think I'm in good company, Jerry Rice has been called selfish before, as well as a number of other guys. I'm still probably going to be called selfish, so other than that, it doesn't bother me, what he says. I come from a background where I wasn't even thinking about getting drafted, I went to a small school, so the things that I've accomplished so far really eclipses anything that anybody says about me. He said it, and I'll move on.

On his impressions of the region:

So far, I'm loving it. I had a good time up in Toronto, I had a chance to get around a few days here. I went to the Buffalo Chophouse and grabbed something to eat, Tempo last night, so I'm just trying to familiarize myself with the area and get out a little bit.

On how long he plans to be in town:

I'm going to work with my receiving coach and with Coach Jauron with my schedule. I already told him, we're already on track with; there will be days and weeks that I'll be coming in, two or three days here, two or three days there, and so even before everything was even reported about me not showing up I had already talked to Coach Jauron about those things, so that's why I really wasn't worried about anything that was reported.

On what kind of reception he's received from Bills fans:

People that recognized me, I've been in a big parka jacket and a hoodie, so the people that do recognize me, they just tell me welcome to Buffalo, they're looking forward to and they're very excited for the season, and so am I.

On the suspension of running back Marshawn Lynch:

I didn't know anything about it, this is the first I've heard of it. Obviously, that's a legal matter that he has to deal with.

On what he says to Buffalo fans who are worried that he'll be disruptive to the team:

No worries. No worries.

On if he's concerned about having to produce immediately on offense:

No, not at all. Any time that I've been a part of a new team, when I go in, I always look forward to being a big part of it. As far as the transactions go, as far as who's being released and who's being brought in, that's left up to the scouting department and the guys that make those decisions. Other than that, it's no different than just football. Somebody leaves or goes down, somebody has to step up. I'm sure that they'll fill those gaps.

On if he is surprised by how much attention he generates just by showing up to a voluntary workout:

Yes and no. That's the thing, what I find so unfair about it is that I'm not the only guy, out of 32 teams that didn't show up to voluntary and optional weight sessions and running, so that's what's so frustrating about the whole thing. Everybody nitpicks at anything and everything that I do. But I realize that's part of it, and in a sense it motivates me and I'm really looking forward and I'm working out hard and looking forward to the season.

On what his conditioning program is like:

I work with my trainer, and actually, he's here. He's been here the last couple of days, and I'm still doing a lot of things that the Bills here are doing. We went out on the field and ran routes, and going through the offense a little bit. In the weight room, I do the things that fit me.

On if he has to pass his "no worries" message onto his teammates:

No, not at all. I think if you listen to all of the statements that a lot of my teammates have had since I left the Cowboys, there wasn't any disruptions. You guys are basically going off of commentators comments and broadcasters comments. I honestly feel about myself and the way I conducted myself three years in Dallas, and those guys have spoken very, very highly of me and the things that I brought to the team on and off the field, so I don' t really have to worry about that.

On if he plans to be at the OTAs:

OTAs, I'm there. I've never been absent from any OTAs that a team has been a part of. When I was in San Francisco and Philly, we didn't really have OTAs, but the last couple of teams that I've been with, that's when I started the OTA program, so I've been a part of those, and I have yet to miss one.

On if he has decided where he is going to live yet:

I'm not sure, I may even shack up with one of the coaches for a few weeks, you never know. I'm still looking.

On who is showing him around town:

I've got a couple of people. The guys have recommended places, so I'm obviously taking those considerations to heart, and for me, just being new to the area, I just kind of want to stay close to the facility and get where I need to be on time.

On his training program, now that he's 35:

My trainer's name is Buddy Primm, he's from Murfreesboro, but he lives and works out of a gym in Atlanta. I've been with him for over a decade now. Every year, we try to implement some new things, and I always want to challenge myself, and he organizes and constructs my workouts accordingly. Whether it's more or less, I think the thing is for me is to be smart about my workouts. Sometimes when you get later on in your career, it's not always about working hard, it's about working smarter, so I have a good, knowledgeable guy in Buddy that he knows what I need and I do as well.

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