Bills find TE with Nelson

Buffalo had Shawn Nelson fall into its lap at the 121st pick. See what the Southern Mississippi tight end had to say inside...

On being drafted by the Bills:

I kind of felt like I was going to end up there, talking to the coaches at the training table at the combine and having an interview with them and then seeing them releasing Robert Royal, I knew they needed a tight end. I had a strong feeling that I would end up there. Maybe Atlanta was a possibility until they got the addition with Tony Gonzalez. That kind of took me out of the picture, so my focus was pretty much on Buffalo.

On if he had a good sense that he would be drafted with the 121st pick:

Yeah, I've been sitting there watching and with the analysts going over the draft and saying that Buffalo really needed a tight end and they would take the best player available on the board no matter who went. And then I was there at the number one spot, so I had a good feeling that I would end up there in Buffalo.

On his mindset going into the Senior Bowl:

It was the same as my mindset going into practice or into the game. I did things that a lot of guys, coming from Southern Miss and then at the Senior Bowl, they really had a chance to see for themselves in person what I can really do. It wasn't just something that I went out there and did, it was something that I work at and that I think I've been getting better at and even in the Senior Bowl I felt comfortable with how I was blocking. I felt like I've been blocking the same way I was blocking my senior year, so it wasn't a surprise to me.

On the challenges of being expected to contribute right away:

I just want to get in and learn the playbook. I think everything else will take care of itself. I think once I get in and learn that playbook and get the offense down pat, I think I'll be able to contribute immediately and try to help this team win football games.

On if he thinks he's a polished route-runner:

Yeah, I played receiver all my life until I got to Southern Miss. I think playing receiver in high school and my previous years, I believe that helped me with coming out with speed and explosion, so I just want to work hard with being consistent and blocking and getting that total package at tight end.

On if he is comfortable at the weight he is now:

Kind of. I'm going to get to about 250 pounds. I'm at 243, so if I'm at 250, I'll keep my speed and be okay.

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