Bills Minicamp Q&A: Shawn Nelson

Buffalo's new tight end talks about his 4.5 speed, facing different defenses and first impressions of Buffalo...

On watching a certain tight end in the NFL:

There are some things that I can do that some tight ends in the NFL can do and there are some things that I can't do. And the things that I can't do, I try to work on and do. I know what I can do, so the things that I can't do as well, or that I can't do at all, that's what I try to work on.

On running a 4.5 at the combine:

I was pretty happy with it, but I wanted to get down to a 4.4.

On showing more of his downfield capabilities as a senior in college:

My senior year we had a spread offense, so it was not only run just a tight end route, but also standing up as a slot receiver running those route. And also stretching the field and getting down the field.

On being a big guy in the red zone:

I believe it's something that I can contribute to...My main focus is just getting a little stronger.

On his anticipation heading into camp:

First and foremost, like I said before, I just want to come in and earn a spot on the team.

On a comfortable weight:

I would say about 250 and be able to keep my feet, who knows, I've reached 255 and been able to keep my feet. I'll do what my coaches ask me to do.

On his first impressions of Buffalo:

I thought that it'd be snowing when I got off the plane, but the weather's not too bad. I've been liking it so far.

On producing his senior year being the number one target:

I think some other guys gave me the ability to get down there. And working on it day in and day out at practices, working on it, studying my opponents and seeing what they do as well, what kind of steps they take and knowing what I can do to try to beat the defender, I think that's what helped me.

On having different defenses thrown at him in college:

They did all kinds of things. Anything they could think of they created defenses, but they doubled me up pretty much.

On having a cornerback or linebacker defend him:

I pretty much don't have a problem with that, a linebacker or a cornerback.

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