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Cyrus Mulitalo didn't get his name called on draft weekend and he wasn't picked up in the post-draft purge for free agents. But the tackling machine from Sacramento State is sure to find a home soon. Could it be Buffalo? Mulitalo worked out with the Bills in June. Here's what he had to say to BFR's Tyler Dunne. Mulitalo has an interesting connection with running back Marshawn Lynch...

What is your preference at linebacker, inside or outside?

I've been playing middle my entire career. I'm able to play outside but definitely my comfort level is in the middle, calling plays.

What type of animal does it take to play middle linebacker?

It's kind of like the quarterback of the defense. We're the ones that get the plays in from the d-coordinator. Everybody looks at that middle linebacker as the foundation, as that captain so to speak. He's the one that makes sure everyone is in the right position. He has to know everybody else's responsibilities and to take care of his own as well.

What stands out to you about your tenure at Sacramento State?

My sophomore year stands out because I led the conference in tackles. One game in my sophomore year, I had 21 tackles. And returning an interception 60 yards to the house, stuff like that is memorable.

How do you get in that kind of rhythm to make 21 tackles?

The other team decided to run the ball 40 times. So the running back had about 40 carries and I pride myself on trying to make every play I can. Especially if it's a running play, I try to make every tackle. If they wanted to run, I was there to make the tackle.

So, you played against Marshawn Lynch in college?

My freshman year, we played Cal. He was a beast. That's one of my good friends too. Family first.

How do you know Lynch?

We were from the same area. He's from Oakland and I lived five minutes away. His mom and my mom actually go to bingo together in Oakland. Me and his sister were real close. That's like my little sister too.

What's that friendship like? Do you talk to him often?

I saw him when he was back home in Oakland. I saw him out with a bunch of other friends — other Cal players. He just got done playing this year. We were all hanging out last month, too.

When you were growing up, did you guys hang out?

I didn't really know him that much as a child growing up in Pop Warner or anything. He played in a different league than me in high school. But coming from the Bay-area, you always know all the Bay-area athletes, and the ones that are holding it down. Like Marshawn, he's been holding it down since he's been at Oakland Tech. I've been doing my thing on the other side of the bridge.

Did you ever imagine that you'd have a shot to play together in the NFL?

Not at all. I actually wanted to go up against him. It just brings the competitiveness out of you against a great running back like him. You just want to tackle him, just like I want to tackle LaDainian Tomlinson or Adrian Peterson as well.

Did you get a chance to tackle Lynch as a freshman?

Nah, but the time I got in the game, he was already on the sideline sipping on Gatorade. It was a lopsided game.

Could you see yourself in a Bills uniform?

No, actually I've never seen myself in a Bills uniform. But I'm pretty sure the red or blue would look good on me.

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