Off the Field: Aaron Maybin

Maybin talks about how his dangerous first step, his strenuous diet, which quarterbacks he's looking forward to hitting and if he's motivated to prove his doubters wrong. Premium members, get the exclusive Q & A inside...

Have coaches told you how they'd like to utilize you on the field?

"It's early to tell where I end up but of course my goal is to make as much of a contribution as possible to the team. I feel like this is going to be a special year for us and I want to have as big a role as I can. But at the same time, whatever it is coaches ask me to do, I'll provide whatever they need."

How important is your first step to your pass rush?

"I think my pass-rushing ability brings a lot to the table. I try to make sure I get off my first step low and hard and try to get a jump on the offensive line. This is a penetrating defense that we're playing so I feel like I have a lot of assets that I can develop into a product for this team."

How were you able to burst onto the scene at Penn State?

"A whole lot of hard work, a whole lot of hard work and a whole lot of help from God. I pray every day that all the hard work would start to pay off. As soon as I started playing, my career went well. Now I'm really starting to see the fruits of my labor."

Are there any quarterbacks in particular you're looking forward to hit?

"I'm licking my chops at every game I see on my schedule. I think there are some opportunities for us as a defense to make statements. And I think there are opportunities for us to really establish ourselves as one of the perennial defenses in the league. That's what our goal is and you can tell by the pace of our practices. We're going and we're going fast."

What did you eat during in your diet before the draft?

"A whole lot of carbohydrates and a whole lot of protein. I was eating about six meals a day. I was monitoring the times that I ate and what it was that I was putting into my body. I really flushed my body out and built it up, inside-out. I had a really strict diet that I was following."

What did Steve Saunders emphasize in his training?

"He's really knowledgeable about building your body up and he taught me a lot about maintaining and taking care of your body. From the inside out, you have to make sure your body is at optimal performance level. That only happens if you watch what you eat and are meticulous with your workout regiment."

Have the Bills given you the green light to rely on your pure athletic ability at defensive end?

"That's the great thing about the Bills defense and our coaching staff. They bring in guys with certain tools that they like, whatever tools that they need. There are guys that just destroy a double team, so they will throw them in there on a double-team situation. There are guys that can get after the quarterback. Everybody is playing fast. Everybody is playing aggressive. That's the wonderful thing that I'm seeing about the ‘D.'

Are you motivated to prove your doubters wrong?

"Nah, I tune the media out. They make a whole lot out of nothing. There were a lot of teams that told me that if I was 240, it wouldn't have mattered. They see the player that they are. Teams can build you into what they need. I'm building myself now into what I feel is best for the Buffalo scheme. I wanted to allow myself to be seen as someone who can play in any position. People saw me playing at a certain weight and I wanted to prove that I can play at a heavier weight with the same athleticism."

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