Lights, Camera, T.O.!

After his comments on Michael Vick, it's clear that Terrell Owens still needs to be the center of attention. And at St. John Fisher, fans have been eating it up. Owens' latest comments regarding Michael Vick reveal that he still hasn't changed his self-serving ways, says BFR's Tyler Dunne...

Sorry, but it's impossible to take Terrell Owens serious. He's unqualified for such talk. Kind of like random celebrities becoming self-imposed spokesmen for hard-hitting political issues.

You laugh at the Dixie Chicks and change the channel.

T.O.'s words of wisdom for Roger Goodell are weightless. Owens said Michael Vick would be getting a raw deal with a suspension, adding that Roger Goodell should "sit in a jail for 23 months." Eh. Let's just hope T.O.'s talking point falls on deaf ears.

Anyone trying to build his own section of "T.O.'s Tweeters" at training camp (with the backdrop of vH1 trash) is a sideshow, not a viable source of persuasion.

I'll take Daisy — and her abnormally tattooed left arm — more serious than Owens.

After a couple of training camp practices, it's already clear. Owens still suffers from the same old problem. He constantly shapes and reshapes his image, pouring a little dressing onto it tweet by tweet. Even at 35 years of age, T.O. is still caught up in an endless pursuit to gobble up any naïve fans he can. It's working. Bills fans are falling for Owens hard.

"I pinch myself sometimes," Owens said. "I've realized that I've had a following everywhere that I've been. I expected nothing different here."

So he slaps his initials on anything he can. A cereal box. A section of fans. And, of course, a T.V. show, which may be the worst combination of sports and television since the glow puck. Never content with catching a football and learning the offense, T.O. craves daily attention. Example No. 1 in Buffalo: His opinion on Michael Vick.

Owens is able to thrive and survive in the league when surrounded by people that constantly stroke his ego. That's all Mo and Kita are on that unbearable show — two annoying sidekicks that pretend to give T.O. "advice." Really, they are just feeding the monster.

You can bet T.O. is eating all of this Buff-a-love up like a delicious Rochester Garbage Plate. If there is a legion of fans begging for his autograph at full throat, T.O. will keep on assuming he has done nothing wrong.

He'll cover up his narcissism with a fun-loving persona.

Behind that insincere Crest smile is an animal. T.O. will be jawing in Dick Jauron's ear by week four. Jerry Jones loved that smiling, touchdown-catching anti-hero. The Dallas Cowboys owner buried the hatchet and embraced the man that tarnished The Star. All with a multi-million deal and bucket of popcorn.

In other words, Jones put his career on the line. In other words, T.O. would need to be one ruthless employee for this to somehow not work. Owners and G.M.'s defend guys to the death in these cases. Three years in, Jones had enough. Exhausted of the antics, he cut a future Hall-of-Famer.

The late-great Bill Walsh once said, "It will always be something else with him, some distraction, every day, every week. It's just ongoing."

On Sunday, it was Vick's reported four-game suspension.

Owens can have an opinion. This isn't an indictment of free speech. But it's just another example that T.O. needs his name atop Google searches 24/7. He's not dumb. T.O. knew the firestorm Sunday's comments would create. Instead of punching back at the media reaction to his statement on Vick, T.O. posted a rallying cry on Twitter. He loves this.

Drama fuels T.O.'s alter-ego.

Every day, some zany idea will obsess Owens. It's wonderful that Bills fans finally have something to cheer for in July. College kids that don't know a pylon from a python are coordinating training camp hangouts on Facebook. There's a definite buzz.

Too bad, it's the wrong kind. Eventually, the antics exhaust everybody — just like they did to Jones.

It's hip to hop on the T.O. bandwagon. But please tread carefully. Pay attention to the football — how Owens can help Trent Edwards, how he'll give Fred Jackson and co. lighter boxes in the running game, how he could potentially change the offense as a whole.

But let's pump the brakes on the rockstar treatment. Gushing over this guy might look ridiculous a year from now.

Tyler Dunne is the Publisher of He also writes for the Buffalo News, the Olean Times Herald and the Packer Report. Contact him at

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