Jauron gears up for Hall of Fame Game

Buffalo's head coach talks about injuries, Titans, Edwards' comments on T.O. hype and more...

Opening Statement:

So, it was our last padded practice before we get to the Hall of Fame game. We're really excited about the game. Had a couple of guys, unfortunately, get dinged in practice. We just have to see their condition when we get inside and Bud (Carpenter) has a chance to check them. It's always the risk, but you've got to practice and they practice hard. So sometimes things happen. Still haven't made any final decision about playing time for everybody, but everybody that's healthy will more than likely play in this game. So all of our starters will see a little bit of time, you know, and then we'll work form there. We think all of the quarterbacks will get playing time, to some degree. A lot depends on how the game goes. But that's our plan, anyway, going in.

On Spencer Johnson's status and if his injury is not severe:

I'm certainly hoping so. He said he felt OK at the end – just a little bit sore. So we're hoping.

On John McCargo's injury:

He got kicked in the calf. So we'll just have to see what happens as time passes.

On Marvin Philip's injury:

It was a knee and don't know about it yet.

On if there is a team to beat in the AFC East and on Rex Ryan's comments in the media:

Well, I don't really have any thoughts on that. I have no i dea what he said, nor do I know that I'd have any response to it anyway. Yeah, I think every team, for us, is a team to beat. I mean, clearly, we didn't do well in the division last year. We didn't beat anybody. So we're looking at all of them and we think they're all outstanding football teams. They're all well coached, you know, and they've got talent. So we've got a long ways to go. We're working hard and we're excited about it. We love being part of this division, you know. It's historical. The rivalries are long. You know, they're good. Everybody wants to beat everybody else. So it'll be fun. It should be a lot of fun and it's going to be very, very difficult.

On Ashton Youboty's injury:

Ashton's injury, I believe, was his groin. You know, it kind of crept up. He was OK after practice yesterday, and then he said he just got stiff in the morning. So we'll see what happens there.

On if there is an ideal number of snaps that starters should get:

No, not really. We'll just have to see what happens. You just don't know what's going to happen. If you said two series, you have no idea, you know. And if you said snaps, it's really hard to determine too because the game could start getting away from you and you want to look at everybody. For the most part, we kind of know those guys. And if the game starts getting away, we want to see a lot of a lot of other people.

On if the Titans' physical style of play helps the team prepare for the season better:

I would say yeah, but I don't really know any team in the league that you'd play that you didn't feel like you were going to be challenged. You know, everybody's really good. Tennessee's got a really fine team and a really talented team. A fast team. So, yeah, it'll be a really great challenge for us.

On if it is difficult to get a gauge on what's happening in preseason games:

Not necessarily, only because we're more concerned with giving our guys a chance to play – particularly the people we don't know or are just trying to learn about. So we don't want to ask them to do so much that they're thinking about what they have to do instead of playing hard and freely. So we tend to stay fairly basic and just let them block and run and throw and catch and tackle. It's pretty basic, generally. Saying that, you know, football has changed so much.

So basic football today, basic defensive football, really different than it used to be. Because pressure is so much a part of everybody's plan and scheme, you tend to see lots and lots of pressures. Twenty years ago or 25 years ago, particularly early in the preseason games, I wouldn't see any. Both sides would be pretty basic and let their young guys play. You know, just to see what you have. A little bit different but that's kind of what we try to do within the parameters of modern football.

On Steve Johnson's chances of playing on Sunday:

I didn't think it would happen, but he has…I guess you come to expect it of him, although he's so young. But he just kind of plays, you know. He goes out and makes plays. He's a tough guy. So we'll see, you know. We'll see how he feels. But I wouldn't rule it out, but I wouldn't say yes either, at this point.

On Trent Edwards' comment saying he was frustrated with questions about Terrell Owens and if other players may feel the same way:

I don't know. I don't know the answer to that question. Clearly, if you ask Trent a question he's going to tell you what he thinks. You know, he's really a guy we all believe in. But, I don't know that it has any meaning, quite frankly. You know, we're practicing and you all are asking the questions. So you're asking him all the questions about Terrell. He certainly doesn't have to answer them, and I don't really have anything more to say about that.

On the significance of Hall of Fame weekend for the Bills:

It's been so exciting ever since it was announced. And for Mr. Wilson, I think it's just so deserved. A guy that loves the game, is loyal to the game, has been so loyal to us and this area. A founding father of the AFL. The 50th Anniversary of the American Football League. It'll be a terrific day for us. And then Bruce (Smith) going in at the same time has to make Mr. Wilson feel so proud, too. Just really excited about the whole opportunity to be involved in it.

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