Vick in Buffalo?

Rumors are running rampant that Michael Vick is Buffalo bound. Is it true?

No. Well, at least not yet.

Contrary to Rich Eisen's trigger-happy Twitter post, Vick is not in Buffalo today.

Earlier today, Eisen posted the following on his Twitter, which gave some weight to swirling Vick-in-Buffalo rumors dominating the web:

"For all those going nuts about Bills/Vick rumors, the team is having a press conf in 10 mins. What about, who knows? Could be nothing or..."

The team denied this notion moments ago here in Pittsford, N.Y., where there is absolutely no inkling of the troubled quarterback. Despite rumors dominoing across WNY, Buffalo is not on the verge of signing Vick. Instead, a media spokesman reiterated that they stand by their statement of ""We wouldn't have any interest at this time."

Of course, that leaves the door open a crack that the team could potentially be interested down the road. But for now, there's no reason to panic - or get excited. However you look at it. But for now, there's nothing new.

Further, league sources have told The Buffalo News that the team is not in the running for Vick. Mark Gaughan's blog post here.

I'm posted up here at camp today, so if anything breaks, we'll let you know.

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