Winfield crushes fellow Buckeye at Madden Bowl

In a classic battle of Ohio State Buckeyes, Antoine Winfield's Philadelphia Eagles demolished Seattle cornerback Shawn Springs' Seahawks, 28-0, in the EA Sports Madden Bowl 2003 NFL players tournament Thursday night.


The annual tournament, held during Super Bowl week, features the NFL's top Madden video game players. Unfortunately, Winfield and Springs were nor part of the main tournament. Winfield tried to get into the regular eight-player, single elimination tournament, but EA Sports determined he wasn't a big enough name among players such as Green Bay running back Ahman Green, Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper, Bears running back Anthony Thomas, Lions quarterback Joey Harrington, Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney and Saints cornerback Sammy Knight.

So the corner was part of the sideshow, beating Springs, Saints wide receiver Nate Turner and then surprisingly losing to some unidentified individual.

In the main event, Freeney beat Knight for the title. Knight has lost in the final the last two years. Former Redskins and Bucs, and current Lions receiver Jacquez Green, was two-time champion, but he wasn't available to defend his title.

Jeremy Shockey, Jerry Rice, Marshall Faulk and Terrell Owens were on hand watching the festivities. Carmen Electra was supposed to be there, but didn't show up. The good news was that Lance and Joey from N'Sync did.

Anyway, getting back to Winfield, the major question, of course, is why he didn't play as the Bills.

"Well, the Bills are OK, but Philadelphia is much better," he said, while sipping on Grey Goose vodka and cranberry on ice. "I like their offense and their defense. I'm unstoppable in this game."

Broncos tight end Shannon Sharpe emceed the event and was also unstoppable - unstoppable at calling Winfield, "Antonio Winfield," at least three times over the PA. He never corrected himself, and when it was pointed out to Winfield that Sharpe should learn his name, the Bills corner said, "Yeah, I know."

It didn't really bother him much.

Winfield and Springs played at Ohio State together. Springs is older than Winfield by a few years. Each put a few hundred dollar bills on the line, but Winfield, being a gentleman, gave the money back to Springs after the slaughter was mercifully over.

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