Q & A: Sean Kugler

Buffalo's offensive line coach talks about new starting tackle Demetrius Bell...

On having some more changes to adapt to in his line:

We like the group that we have and we're moving forward. We're focused with this group. We're getting ready for New England and the games beyond that. One day at a time, one drill at a time, but we're pleased with the group that we have.

On being comfortable with what he knows Demetrius Bell can do:

Of course. With all three of those young guys as far as being in a game setting in the National Football League in the regular season, it is going to be new to them, but they're guys that we're confident with what they've shown to us in the offseason on the field, in the meeting rooms and their communication, so that's what we're looking forward to with them.

On the decision to moving Bell up:

In respect to Langston (Walker) we're moving forward. And in respect to Demetrius, is what he showed us as a player.

On what Bell has shown him:

He's very athletic. He has the ability to recover when he is out of position. He's a competitive kid and he works at it. He loves the game of football and those are the guys we're moving forward with.

On how Bell fits in with the guys:

He fits right in there. He's a finisher. He's a kid, again, that loves the game of football and that's what we're moving forward with - guys that love to play the game of football.

On if not fitting in was an issue with Walker:

Right now we're moving forward with the group that we have, so in respect to Langston, I'm not talking about Langston. I'm talking about where we're going from here and that's the group that we're going with.

On how quickly they can get a guy like Bell up to speed:

Hopefully by Sunday and Monday and Tuesday (jokingly). It's going to be a day-to-day thing, but we've got to get going. We've got to get going quick. We play New England on Monday night and we've got to be ready. That's our focus right now.

On how the Green Bay and Pittsburgh games will help the inexperienced guys go up against the Patriots:

As many looks as they can get, not only from the teams that we've played, but from our own defense, the more things that they can experience and see, the better it's going to help them down the road.

On if Bell seems overwhelmed:

No, I think Demetrius has got a good football demeanor and he knows it's going to be intense and he knows it's going to be difficult. But I think he's prepared for that challenge, he's excited about it and I'm excited for him along with the rest of the group.

On if they're tougher than what he's had in the past:

Well, they're inexperienced, but I'll say it again, I like the group. I like their mentality. How quickly they gel? I'm hoping, again, the sooner the better, but they work at it, so if you work at it you're going to gel quicker. I'm very pleased with this group. This is the group that we're moving forward with and I think the Buffalo Bills will be proud of this group, not only for now but for years to come.

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