Offense catches fire in win

Big plays ruled in Buffalo's commanding win over Tampa Bay Sunday. Trent Edwards hit both of his top wideouts on deep balls and Fred Jackson ran wild. Here's a quick recap...

The plan has been the same since the offseason: take more chances downfield. With two elite receivers, put the ball up there and let them make plays.

Today Trent Edwards did just that in Buffalo's 33-20 win over Tampa Bay. He took shots downfield to Lee Evans and Terrell Owens, exposing the Bucs' single coverage. The no-huddle offense looked like a well-oiled machine, using a variety of run and pass plays that kept Tampa Bay confused and frustrated.

On Buffalo's first possession, Buffalo went deep on third and 1. Edwards cocked his arm back and threw deep to Evans. A rare risk in these parts. Edwards took a chance and it paid off. A 32-yard touchdown strike opened the floodgates on Tampa Bay's secondary. It seemed that the Bills took more shots downfield Sunday than they did all of last year.

Edwards went 21-of-31 for 230 yards with two touchdowns and one pick — all while displaying the confidence that Buffalo knows he has in him. He kept the offense moving, thanks to a record day from Fred Jackson and a multitude of offensive weapons. Using every weapon he had in his arsenal was a key component in Buffalo's victory. Edwards threw to six different receivers.

Tight ends Derek Schouman and Shawn Nelson combined for seven catches and 75 yards. Although Tampa Bay did a good job of limiting T.O., he redeemed himself with a 43-yard score after dropping an easy bomb earlier.Josh Reed contributed as well, catching four passes for 46 yards as another dangerous weapon in the slot. Although the offense settled for four field goals, there are plenty of great things to take away from this game. The Bills built on a solid outing from the loss in New England and looked fairly consistent.

The offensive line looked like a seasoned group of veterans, allowing just two sacks and opening up plenty of holes for Fred Jackson. Rookies Eric Wood and Andy Levitre didn't play like rookies, regularly carving lanes. Geoff Hangartner is hands down the team's best offseason acquisition, an unbelievable upgrade from Duke Preston.

And when you have a thoroughbred, you don't leave him locked in the barn. Hats off to the Buffalo scouting department for realizing there was something special in running back Fred Jackson.

After being the catalyst for the offense last week in New England, Jackson again was used as the focal point for the offense. He has showed the coaching staff that he shouldn't be played here and there – he should be unleashed. Give him the ball and he'll make a play. Jackson dropped jaws time and time again Sunday, breaking tackles and making cuts with silky smooth precision.

Jackson had a career day on the ground, rushing 28 times for 163 yards and a whopping 5.8 yards per carry. He also was targeted by Edwards six times for 25 yards through the air. Jackson, whose unique combination of bruising hits, butter-soft hands and quick feet has made him — not T.O. — the center of this offense.

The offense is finally clicking. Terrell Owens has turned the Bills from mediocre to extremely promising. This win, although against a team that has a shredded secondary, gives hope to Buffalo without question. The playoffs are a long way off, especially in a division where Tom Brady is back and Mark Sanchez looks like the second coming of Joe Namath.

But if the offense continues to click and progress, there isn't any doubt that the Bills will make some noise this year. So much for that terrible preseason.

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