MMQB: Offense is offensive

Buffalo was able to slow down Drew Brees but couldn't do anything on offense. Ian Smith takes a look at Sunday's loss in his Monday Morning Quarterback. If the Bills are going rebound, the offense needs to get up to speed fast...

If you were to tell a betting man that Drew Brees, the defending NFL Offensive MVP and the focal point of the high-powered New Orleans Saints, were to have less than 175 yards passing and zero touchdowns in an away game, he would probably put every cent he has on the boys from the Bayou losing that game.

It's a good thing that sports gamblers are smart enough to not bet on Buffalo's inconsistent offense.

Coming off of a convincing win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Bills offense contributed little to nothing in this week's effort against the Saints. Compared to Trent Edwards, punter Brian Moorman one pass attempt looked like one of Jim Kelly's. The only points of the day were compliments of a punter's lob to a defensive end. Am I the only person who sees something wrong there?

Now I won't pin all the blame on the third year quarterback, but he certainly made a few throws he shouldn't have and missed a lot of opportunities.

Just ask Terrell Owens.

Last week, the wide-open T.O dropped a layup of a pass in the first half. That was unquestionably his fault. This week, Edwards airmailed a ball intended for Owens. It was a pass that would make the mailman jealous.

Owens, who had zero catches on the day, snapped a streak of 185 consecutive games with a reception. Ouch. The 14-year veteran used to complain when he only had three or four catches in a game. After this one, he is probably getting his popcorn ready…to throw at Trent Edwards.

The T.O. Security Advisory System has officially been raised from yellow to orange.

The personnel that is most to blame is the offensive line. Trent Edwards looked like he was taking tango lessons in the pocket and center Geoff Hangartner appeared to be practicing his rock-skipping ability in shotgun formations. Do Buffalo's offensive tackles know that blitzing defensive backs can be detrimental to a play?

Third-down efficiency was perhaps the telling statistic in the loss. Two conversions out of 14 attempts will never get the job the done in the bigs, especially against the NFL's most incendiary offense.

By far the brightest spot of the game was the Bills defense. Although the run defense was, at best, terrible, the fact that they stopped Drew Brees was quite a feat. I rarely believe in moral victories, but the fact that the defensive backs kept the explosive Saints' receiving corps at bay should merit a pat on the back from defensive coordinators around the league. Their performance Sunday will be the blueprint to stopping Brees and that powerful offense for the rest of the season.

After a loss like this, the Bills must move on and go back to the drawing board. Alex Van Pelt struck offensive gold in his first two games calling the plays. This time wasn't as auspicious. With an upcoming trip to Miami to face the 0-3 Dolphins, the Bills must get back on the winning-season horse that kicked them off.

A productive effort from the offense against the Fins would help immensely.

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