Behind Enemy Lines: Part II

Is Ted Ginn Jr a No. 1? What's up with Joey Porter? Who will win Sunday? These and more answered in Part II of our Behind Enemy Lines series with Dolphins Digest's Alain Poupart...

Q: Does Miami have confidence that Ted Ginn Jr. will be its No. 1 wideout of the future?

A: They better not, and I really don't think they do. Ginn is in his third year now, and it's pretty clear what he'll be as a wide receiver. That's somebody who can put up good numbers if defenses don't key on them -- he had 11 catches against Indy, for example -- but will never be an impact player. Ginn has great speed, but his route running is mediocre at best, he has very little toughness and will shy away from the physical aspect of the game, and he also seemingly never, ever comes down with the difficult catch. The sad truth is the Dolphins don't have anything on their roster resembling a No. 1 wide receiver.

Q: Last year, the Bills had major trouble containing Joey Porter. Is he the same play-to-play threat of years past?

A: Even though it doesn't seem he's been as disruptive as he was last year, Porter does have two sacks in the first three games. But he's also nursing a hamstring injury, and that might keep him out of Sunday's game. He couldn't finish the game at San Diego after creating a fumble on a sack in the first half. The Dolphins are said to be concerned about the injury, and even if he does play Sunday he certainly won't be at 100 percent.

Q: Has a 0-3 start been a big blow to Miami's swagger? What's the team-wide attitude in the locker room?

A: The Dolphins are saying all the right things, but it's clear this is a team whose confidence has been shaken and is now dealing with the shock of losing its leader. The truth, though, is the Dolphins never really were a team with a lot of swagger, even as they were going through their remarkable AFC East-winning season in 2008. Rather, the team just had a quiet confidence and the players seemed to relish in their role of underdog.

They entered this season again as underdogs because so many thought their schedule was just too tough to overcome, and now they're left with trying to convince themselves that anything still is possible.

Q: What's your prediction for Sunday and why?

A: Let me start by saying that I would expect the Dolphins to run the ball a lot to try to protect Henne as much as possible. The Dolphins have done that well all season, which isn't good news for the Bills based on what New Orleans did last Sunday. I also wouldn't expect the Bills to run very successfully considering the Dolphins shut down Michael Turner and rank third in run defense. And based on what I saw of Trent Edwards the last time the Bills were in Miami -- and again judging by his performance against New Orleans -- I don't think he'll put up big numbers on Sunday.

The Dolphins aren't nearly explosive enough to blow out anybody, but I would expect them to come out with a strong effort defensively against Buffalo. I'll call it 16-10, Dolphins.

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