Players talk about Jauron, rough start

Many players on Buffalo point finger back at themselves when asked about their head coach.

The Dick Jauron Watch has been churning on the periphery ever since January when the Bills stunned many observers by re-signing the coach to a new three-year contract even though the Bills lost eight of their last 10 games in 2008 to finish with their third straight 7-9 record.

Now the heat has really been turned on in the wake of Sunday's 38-10 decimation in Miami. Jauron's team looked badly overmatched against an 0-3 team that was playing without its starting quarterback, Chad Pennington, and its best defensive player, linebacker Joey Porter. Further, the Dolphins' Chad Henne was making his first NFL start at quarterback.

After the game, team owner Ralph Wilson was asked about his coach's future and he offered a "No comment." It wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement for Jauron, but it wasn't exactly an ominous sign, either, because Wilson isn't the type of owner who would fire his coach at midseason, especially when he still has two and three-quarters of his three-year contract still unpaid. Also, the Bills have no one on the staff who could be remotely considered a head coach in waiting, so it's uncertain what firing Jauron would accomplish. Still, the fans in Buffalo are irate and the "Fire Jauron" chant is growing in volume.

Chief operating officer Russ Brandon also wouldn't address Jauron's status, mainly because it's not his call, it will be Wilson's. Brandon clearly does not have any power in the organization and is merely a figurehead because if he did have power, it's likely that he would have canned Jauron after last season.

"We're all in this together," Brandon said.

Jauron has taken the bullet in all three of Buffalo's losses, blaming himself for the defeats. But it goes way beyond Jauron and his coaching staff and several players admitted after the game that they have to start looking in the mirror as well. It isn't all about the coaching with this team, the players have not performed, first and foremost quarterback Trent Edwards who has put together back-to-back clunkers in losses to New Orleans and Miami where he has two TDs, five interceptions and 10 sacks.

"Players make plays, regardless of schemes, players have to make plays," Edwards said. "It has nothing to do with our head coach. That's how great a person he is that he would step up and take the blame for it, but everyone in that locker room should stand up and take the blame."

Safety George Wilson agreed: "In all three losses coach Jauron has come in and taken the blame and we as players have to be professionals and execute our game plans in all three phases. We have to do a better job."

"This was embarrassing," said defensive end Aaron Schobel. "That's all you can say. It was all around. You give up 38 points, you can't say the offense is at fault. I don't think anybody played worth a damn. If they say they did, they're

probably lying to you."

Schobel a no-nonsense straight-shooter, nailed it. There wasn't one player who stepped up and played well against the Dolphins. The offense was inept, the defense was porous, and the special teams didn't provide any help in terms of big plays or field position. It was a colossal failure on all three fronts, and it has left the Bills -- losers of eight straight AFC East games -- in last place in the division.

"Everyone has to look in the mirror and figure out what we can do to turn this thing around because we're not playing very well right now," said wide receiver Lee Evans. "I think that's what everybody has to do. It's not just one person, everyone has to buy into this thing and figure out what they can do to help all of us turn it around."

Are they capable of doing it? Defensive tackle Kyle Williams thinks so.

"We have a lot of quality guys on the team," he said. "I don't think anybody would argue that this is the most talented team since I've been here and I've been here four years. I would say hands down, probably. It's just a matter of doing it."

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