Postgame Q & A: Dick Jauron

Buffalo's head coach responds to questions after the Bills' improbable win. Despite giving up more than 300 yards rushing, Buffalo found a way to pull out a gritty overtime win against the New York Jets Sunday...

On whether he recalled winning a game like today after giving up over 300 yards rushing:

You know what, I couldn't tell you. I've been involved in a lot of games, but I don't recall one like that.

On kicker Rian Lindell's field goals:

The first one was against the wind. The wind was worst in the first half I thought, maybe significantly worse. We thought the range at that end in the first half was between, 20-24 [yards], right in that area. At the end, where we finally kicked it, we thought the range was 35 [yards], to start the game, but it was so volatile that, while you knew he could reach it, you didn't know if it would stay in there. At the end, the wind didn't seem to be as big a factor.

On touchdown to Lee Evans:

It's so pretty to see Lee (Evans) when he gets a step because, boy, is he fast. He got into the end zone so fast. I thought Ryan (Fitzpatrick) made the right read and made a great throw. If you can put it on him, those guys are good.

On Jairus Byrd:

Oh my goodness. I don't what I could possibly say. He makes unbelievable plays on the ball. He's got terrific ball skills. He's just a really good player and we're hoping he gets better.

On abandoning the no-huddle offense:

We just haven't been performing very well at all, offensively, the last three weeks and we're just looking for different ways to give ourselves a spark. We started Jamon (Meredith) at tackle. We just thought, ‘hey, we'll just give him a chance. Let's go'. It's really kind of the same thing with Freddie (Jackson) in the return game. We just thought with Marshawn (Lynch) back, it just frees us up with Freddie, a little bit, to do other things with him that we like and think he's very good at. We're just trying to get us a win any way we could.

On trying to get into closer field-goal range at the end of regulation:

I did. We clearly did. We were trying. It wasn't like we were taking a knee. We were running the ball and that's what we thought would be the most effective.

On whether he thought all the turnovers were a sign that Mark Sanchez was confused by the defensive schemes:

First of all, I don't know that we did confuse him. I think you'd have to ask him that. I was just happy that we got them. Any time that you can win the turnover battle, statistically, you're all aware of the statistics, you stand a great chance of winning. When you win it by three or more, the percentages are really with you.

On injuries:

You know we had a lot of injuries, unfortunately. Donte (Whitner) left early. I think that was an ankle. Kyle (Williams) was a shoulder. Of course, Trent's (Edwards) got a concussion. We think Shawn Nelson had a concussion. You know, Derek (Fine), I think he got punched on that (play), where the player got ejected. He was out for a little while, but he came back. His eye closed up on him. I think that's all the injuries.

On injury to Terrence McGee:

With Terrence (McGee), I think it was his chest. It might be a contusion, but I don't know.

On defense in overtime:

In defensive football, field position is critically important. Maybe not as important as the takeaway-giveaway game, but very important. We had really good field position that overtime period. We covered kicks well and penalties helped us too. But it was terrific, just terrific.

On Paul Posluszny's return and play during overtime:

I don't know if you know him, or how well you know him, but Paul (Posluszny) loves football and he's a great, great teammate. So it's always about the team. His return was about the team. He's very much in control of what we do and getting guys lined up and gives everybody a lot more confidence when he's on the field.

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