Postgame Q & A: Dick Jauron

Head coach addresses Buffalo's woeful offense. Jauron says it is "not consistently one thing."

Opening Statement:

Injury wise Jairus (Byrd) was a groin, he left the game late with a groin. It's been nagging him some and he'll get it looked at in the next couple of days. Aaron Schobel had a groin also and didn't return. Jamon (Meredith) that was a knee and that's an MCL sprain, and then Keith Ellison was a quad. So those guys were the injured guys that didn't return to the game. The guys played their hearts out. We just couldn't get it done. The fake punt was huge, obviously, that left our defense with a short field to defend and they were tired out. They just got tired out because we struggled offensively. Just looking for some kind of spark and it didn't work. Then it went from 17 to 24 and it snowballed from there. Thought our guys really fought hard but obviously not good enough.

On the offense:

It's been discouraging obviously and was the reason why clearly we tried to fake it just because we weren't getting anything done. Then when we threatened to get it down we ended up turning it over. Disappointing. Just got to keep working at it.

On the biggest reasons why the offense is struggling:

It's not consistently one thing. Clearly if you're going to be successful you have to play at a high level at the quarterback position and to do that you've got to protect him consistently. We struggle. We struggle up front obviously. They play hard and they play well in spurts and we're just not getting it done on a consistent basis, but it's never one thing, it doesn't appear to be.

On why he threw motion in on some plays:

Just talking regular motion or fake? We faked a lot of reverse trying to affect their defense and to force on the backside and then that comes off of that. The movement off the fake reverse and the reverse and then in and out and also just to get a feel on man or zone along with the first two things really.

On if that was something they should've been doing all along:

No, not necessarily.

On how much of the offense's struggles falls on him:

Oh I think the whole thing falls on me. I don't think there's any doubt. I take full responsibility for it.

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