Postgame Q & A: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Quarterback talks about failures on third down, miscues with T.O. and QB situation..

On lack of protection:

Well obviously that is one of our many problems. But there is just no spark out there. It's hard to get momentum when you can't stay on the field. We're not converting on third downs and luckily we have this bye week coming up to figure it out. We're going to try and get some answers, try to get the ball to our play makers and hopefully get some more answers.

On offensive futility:

The biggest thing is staying on the field and putting long drives together. The defense just wore down. We weren't running the ball and converting third downs to allow them to catch their breath. When you leave your defense on the field for that long it's bound to happen. We have to get better on offense and we're going to look for ways to do it.

On miscue with T.O.:

That was completely on me. Terrell was in the right with what he did and it was my fault.

On trying to "find a spark:"

Whatever it is we have to start with better execution. We had plays that worked for us against New England that aren't getting the yards anymore. We're not getting the protection and whatever it is we have to use the bye week to figure it out.

On the role of Fred Jackson:

Well as you saw today on special teams he's a special player when he gets the ball in his hands. We have a lot of guys like that. The biggest thing with our offense is to stay on the field so we can get into some exotic stuff or spread the ball out more. It's hard to do when you're having trouble getting first downs.

On the feeling of a missed opportunity:

Yes, you could feel that in the locker room. There were a lot of disappointed faces in there. Just because we have fought so hard and come all the way back to have the opportunity to get to 4-4 going into the bye. That's what we wanted to do but unfortunately we came up short.

On whether he will remain starter:

Looking at today's performance we didn't move the ball. The last several weeks whether it is me or Trent we haven't moved the ball. That's a question for the coaching staff. I'm sure we'll figure it out during the bye.

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