Bush should hire Donahoe to create U.S. jobs

I hear the Bills might create a job for ex-Bengals head coach Dick LeBeau, who was the Steelers' defensive coordinator for a couple of seasons when Buffalo president and general manager Tom Donahoe worked there.

That's great.

Maybe President Bush should introduce the Department of Homeland Job Creation and put Donahoe in charge of creating jobs for the rest of America, putting an end to this crappy economy once and for all. If you remember, Donahoe created a job for Tom Modrak a couple of years ago.

I'm certain that with Donahoe in charge at the federal level, we'll all be working for the Bills in no time.

Of course, the NFL is pretty good at creating jobs too. The league employed Bon Jovi this year for the Super Bowl post game gig and the Thursday Night opening kickoff gig.

You might have asked yourself several times upon seeing Bon Jovi pop up on your TV screen during NFL games, "Have I been hammered the past 15 years? I didn't know these guys were still all the rage."

Well, they really aren't. It would behoove NFL officials to take a quick look at Billboard magazine once in a while. Bon Jovi was popular when hair the size of the Eiffel Tower was cool.

But that's OK. The best-run pro sports league is allowed a misstep here and there. At least they righted everything when they hired Styx to play the pre-game tailgate party.


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