Martz likes Buffalo?

According to one report, offensive guru Mike Martz would be very interested in coaching the Bills. Martz's track record suggests he could bring the spike of caffeine Buffalo's offense sorely needs...

Sick of everybody dissing Buffalo? Yeah, me too.

With every coaching rumor cloaked with the phrase, "...but it's Buffalo...," this is an encouraging sign. According to's Tim Graham, Martz would be interested in coming to Buffalo. Yes. Somebody wants to come here.

Take that Bill Cowher, Willis McGahee and Lil Wayne.

Graham cites a league source that says Martz would be thrilled to be the Bills next head coach.

Of course, Martz's claim to fame is reviving Kurt Warner's career in St. Louis. He won a Super Bowl as the Rams' offensive coordinator in 1999 and a NFC Championship in 2001. Then again, if you're a believer in Spygate, maybe you look at a '01 a hair differently.

Martz ushered in a grip-it-and-rip-it offense that took the league with storm. No team has scored more points in a three-year span than the Rams did from 1999-2001 under Martz. He threw, and threw often. His offense is timing-based and requires receivers to gain yards after the catch. Running backs must be weapons out of the backfield i.e. Marshall Faulk.

Though his NFL career fizzled out after up-and-down stints as the offensive coordinator in Detroit and San Francisco, Martz should be highlighted atop Buffalo's wish list. Like Mike Shanahan, he is a rare offensive innovator. He brought life to a punchless Rams offense.

Here are five reasons why Buffalo and Martz are good for each other:

1. As Graham writes, Martz isn't intimidated by the Trent Edwards/Ryan Fitzpatrick situation that awaits. He isn't afraid of inherited a house with creaky floors and holes in the ceiling. Expect the Bills to bring in another arm, but it's good to know there is a bright offensive mind out there with faith in Buffalo's current QB dilemma. After all, Martz drafted Fitzpatrick in St. Louis and helped him throw for 310 yards in three touchdowns in his first ever NFL game. Fitzpatrick's quick release is ideal for Martz's system.

2. After years of predictability, the Bills need to take a chance offensively. Gregg Williams, Mike Mularkey and Dick Jauron rarely diverted from the status quo on offense. Martz is stubborn enough to go for it on fourth down at midfield. I like that. It's bold. It's different. It's the antithesis of everything we've become desensitized to over this decade.

3. Last offseason, Ralph Wilson trumpeted continuity. Well, he could make the exact same stump speech this offseason. Martz has coached with Perry Fewell and Bobby April before in St. Louis. Fewell was his secondary coach for two years and April ran the special teams for three years. Slide Fewell back to defensive coordinator. Give Martz the keys. And everybody's happy. Makes a ton of sense.

4. Maybe most importantly, Martz adamantly shot down a rumor that he was heading to Chicago, as thisarticle shows. Martz and Jay Cutler, both gunslingers in the most raw sense, figured to be a match made in heaven. But judging by Martz's words, it's hard to believe he'd head to Chicago as a head coach or an offensive coordinator.

5. Martz squeezed 4,000 yards out of Jon Kitna, everybody. Jon Kitna. The man is an offensive genius.




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