Be Thankful, Bills fans

Yes, the Bills are stumbling to the finish line yet again. But that doesn't mean there isn't anything to be thankful for on Thanksgiving today. From Kyle Williams to a certain Twitter account, there are plenty of reasons...

The Bills are 3-7. Limping. Hurting. Hopeless. And on the verge of more full-scale rebuilding. For many, the next six games can't end soon enough. But hold on, folks. It's Thanksgiving. Let's be thankful. There is plenty to be happy about with these Bills. (Really.)

So kick back. Watch this brouhaha and be thankful for the following:

1. Dick Jauron is fired. The man mostly responsible for your misery the last three years is outta here. If that can't help you enjoy that turkey bone, I don't know what will.

2. The Rogers Center only holds 52,000 fans. (And yes I spelled Centre with "er," not "re" you Canadians.) Toronto cannot — let's repeat — cannot support a NFL team right now. The fans don't care and there is no stadium in place. Bold Prediction: The Bills never migrate to Canada.

3. Thurman Thomas' Twitter. Even if you don't know the difference between Twitter and a wood splitter, you must read Thurman's account. Whether he's poking fun at Oprah Winfrey and Barney Frank sumo-wrestling or ranting on the Bills, Thurman is a must read. Check out his Twitter here. Let's get his list of followers over 5,000 by the weekend.

4. Kyle Williams. He's a man's man. If I'm stranded in the woodlands, I want Kyle Williams by my side. The Bills are scrambling just to field 11 defensive players. I'm mildly surprised they haven't plucked a few players from Sweet Home. Yet somehow, anchored by Williams, Buffalo held dynamo Maurice Jones-Drew to 66 yards. He's fighting through injuries unlike any other player. That's grit. Of course, we'll revisit Kyle Williams when Christmas rolls around. Save your Santa Claus jokes for now.

5. Someone wants to be Buffalo's head coach. Don't laugh. Martz is a playcalling aficionado. I'll take him over the half the coaches in today's game, hands down. And you have to love his fervor to coach here.

6. Patrick Kaleta. Just because.

7. The Dolphins are coming to town Sunday. Last year, you were deprived of this game. The Bills plays the Fins in Toronto where you could hear pins drop five sections away. Throw out the records for this one. The Bills-Dolphins rivalry remains one of the best in all of football. Hopefully some bad weather swoops in by kickoff.

8. Tailgating. As long as this absurd possibility never comes true, anyways. Three and a half hours? No way. Maybe the Bills have stooped to a Lions-low this decade. That hasn't deterred the pregame experience. You'll still see diehards grilling in fields and parking lots at 8 a.m.

9. Fred Jackson may finally get the carries he deserves. After yet another dud from Marshawn Lynch with a shoulder injury to boot, Jackson may finally be fed the 25 carries he deserves against Miami Sunday. In this scribe's opinion, he was the better back from day one. Jackson hits reads holes better and cuts upfield with more bite. During Lynch's suspension, he flashed his bellcow-back potential. Time to unleash him as the starter for the rest of the season.

10. And, finally, be thankful for this. It never, never gets old. Bookmark it. Heck, double-bookmark it. And whenever you're feeling down about Captain Checkdown, T.O., or the apocalypse of injuries, just replay it. It's hope that better days are indeed ahead.





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