Buffalo wise to be patient with Brohm

Fewell hints team will groom, prep young quarterback for next season. That's good news for Brohm's progression.

Don't expect to see Buffalo's newest quarterback any time soon. And you know what? That's a good thing.

This week at practice, head coach Perry Fewell hinted that he'll be keeping Brohm in the bullpen this season. Good move. No use stunting his development anymore. Brohm regressed plenty in Green Bay. By learning the system, watching Ryan Fitzpatrick and soaking the game in from the outside, he'll start next year anew.

Fresh. Rejuvenated. Ready to compete for a No. 1 job.

Make no mistake about it. Fewell wants to win now. Every game is an extended job interview for him. And right now, Fitzpatrick is obviously better than Brohm and Trent Edwards. Still, the fact that he's thinking long-term with Brohm is commendable. Rather than force-feed him reps, Fewell is siding with caution.

Sometimes the best thing for young quarterbacks is a healthy step back to fully reset.

"I think there are a lot of good things on the horizon for Brian,'' Fewell said. "It's just so late in the season for us to work him into our offensive system and let him take reps with our number one or two offense that we're not able to do that.''

Hard to tell what Buffalo's quarterback situation will be like next season. Whoever is the new head coach or new general manager will probably blow up the position. With a handful of borderline first- and second-round quarterbacks in this year's draft, the Bills have draft a young arm. And maybe the new boss will pull a Matt Cassel-type of trade.

Then again, Brohm could grow into the reason any new G.M. would not do that. By finishing strong behind closed curtains this season, he can lay the foundation for a new first impression on a new coach. Right now, it's not game reps that Brohm needs. It's confidence. Confidence will come with loads upon loads of work with the scout team --- something he played second-fiddle to in Green Bay as the No. 3 QB.

Immersing himself into the opposing team's playbook every week will do wonders for Brohm. He'll pick up bits and pieces of everything.

After covering Brohm during his rookie training camp in Green Bay firsthand, I took a few things away. A) The potential is there. One day, Mike McCarthy said that Brohm picked up his offense faster than any quarterback he had ever tutored. Intellectually, Brohm won't fall into the Ryan Leaf category of self-destruction. He can mentally absorb a NFL playbook. But B) Brohm's arm strength is very questionable. He frequently threw routine passes into the dirt and couldn't connect on NFL-level throws (deep outs, skinny post, etc.).

Which is why Brohm needs these final five weeks to assimilate, to grow and to regain his shattered confidence. The Bills have absolutely nothing to lose in giving the former Louisville stud a second chance. While Bills fans surely will be calling for Brohm if Fitzpatrick struggles, they must be patient.

By next training camp, maybe Brian Brohm will be fighting for a starting job.


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