Q & A: T.O. in the TO

Here's what Terrell Owens had to say about Buffalo playing in Toronto...

On T.O. being in TO:

Here I am. It feels good. Looking forward to the game tomorrow and all of the Canadians out here in Toronto - you all come out and support the game tomorrow, it's going to be a good one.

On how the lead up to this game compares to some of the bigger games he's played in:

Nothing gets bigger than the Super Bowl but I'm looking forward to this game tomorrow. Obviously bringing American football here into Toronto and I just want all of the people to come out and support Bills football. Obviously we plan to put on a show tomorrow and show what the NFL is all about.

On Toronto being a kind of city that can support and handle an NFL team:

Yeah definitely. I think once a team is established … just say a team was established here in Toronto I'm sure the fans would definitely gravitate to the team and support it and winning obviously gets people into the seats so it's all about how you market the team and the NFL is marketing the game.

On some people still having their doubts that the NFL can flourish in Toronto:

Anything is up for an experiment. I think it could happen. I think it could flourish as you said and with the right marketing and the right type of players here in a city like Toronto it can happen – like myself (laughs).

On what he's looking forward to from the Toronto fans tomorrow:

I'm not sure what to expect. Again this is my first time here. It's going to be an experience for me probably as well as some of the other guys. I'm hoping that we can get a lot of those Toronto fans to root for the Bills tomorrow.

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