Postgame Q & A: Perry Fewell

Head coach reacts to Bills' 19-13 defeat. Poor tackling and scheme to blame for poor rush defense, he says...

Opening Statement:

(Kirk) Chambers didn't finish the game with an ankle and (Chris) Draft with a shoulder.

On the Jets run game:

They had a really good scheme. They did some things a little bit differently than they did the first time and we didn't tackle well in the first half. I thought we tackled poorly. We definitely missed some opportunities to get off the field and we didn't get off the field and get some drives going which let them continue to run the ball and pound the ball at us.

On if he feels like they were physically beat:

No I don't.

On if he felt like the offensive line was overmatched:

They have a good defensive scheme. They brought a lot of pressure on our offensive line. We didn't handle the pressure very good. Our third down conversion was not good today, we only converted one of 11 and when you don't convert on third down you're going to have a tough night and we had a tough night offensively.

On if there were problems with the motion and shifting of the offense:

They did a good job with that but more so than that their scheme inside it looked like they were trying to trap us and they really weren't trying to trap us. They were pushing us out of the hole and they were getting some creases inside with our three and our shade and our three and our "G" technique and just pushing us out of the hole and then taking advantage of that part of it.

On Jets CB Darrelle Revis matching up with WR Terrell Owens:

That was a big matchup for us and we didn't win very many of those matchups. We couldn't get Lee (Evans) free to win any of those matchups also so it was a tough night for not only T.O. but Lee.

On if he felt fortunate to be as close in the score as they were going into halftime:

No. We should've been ahead at halftime. We didn't execute. We gave up seven points right before halftime and we could've gotten off the field at that point in time, gone into halftime with a one point lead if I'm not mistaken, but I thought that we should have been better. I didn't want to give up that six, seven points at the end of the second quarter.

On the play that they scored on:

It was a third-and-four and we pressured them. They hit the same ball on (Donte) Whitner and that moved the chains and kept the drive alive for them.

On the players and their momentum:

I thought the guys played hard. I thought that they fought hard. I thought that we had some momentum going into the football game and we had a chance to win it in the fourth quarter. We just didn't get it done, bottom line, but we had an opportunity to win the football game in the fourth quarter.

On the atmosphere:

To be very honest, I guess the Jets, I made this statement that we could've played in the parking lot because it's the Jets. It's a division game, but I did think the atmosphere was good. I thought the fans were good but I was so focused on the Jets and accomplishing that job that I wasn't really all into the "hoopla."

On the weather in Rogers Centre:

I don't think so. I think our guys were ready to go. It was more humid and hot than we anticipated today and so we had several guys going in and out because of the humidity.

On how the production in the running game changed later on:

I can't answer that really right now but I do know that we lost Kirk Chambers. He got dinged up a little bit, so we lost some effectiveness right there at the tackle position.

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