Q & A with Adam Caplan: Part I

Scout.com NFL insider Adam Caplan answers the pressing questions dogging the Bills heading into the offseason. In Part I, Caplan offers insight on the team's quarterback situation, Aaron Maybin's rough start, James Hardy's future and more...

Buffalo Football Report: Do you see any of the quarterbacks on Buffalo's roster entering next season as the starter?

Adam Caplan: No, I don't see any of the quarterbacks on Buffalo's roster having a realistic chance to start. Ryan Fitzpatrick has already shown that he's nothing better than a backup. He clearly doesn't have a good enough arm or accuracy. Trent Edwards has decent upside, but unless the new coaching staff is going to give him a better chance, he'll be just a backup. Brian Brohm must be in a system that calls for him to throw shorter passes. He simply can't drive the ball downfield.

BFR: A lot of people in these parts, including myself, can't understand why the Bills don't give the ball to Fred Jackson more? Any idea why the team hasn't featured him as a centerpiece of the offense?

Caplan: It's simply puzzling why Jackson hasn't been the featured back this season. He clearly can sustain drives with his power running, and has good enough versatility to help in the passing game. He also is a decent blocker. I think we've seen enough from Marshawn Lynch to know he's not a starting running back at this level. This current coaching staff doesn't really seem to have an idea of what they want to do on offense.

BFR: Aaron Maybin has been a major disappointment as a rookie this season, still failing to record one sack. Is this solely a product of missing out on all of training camp or is it safe to say he will never be the premier pass rusher the Bills hope for?

Caplan: They reached terribly for Maybin. While he does have a decent upside, he's a raw prospect who needs a lot of work. The right pick would have been defensive end Brian Orakpo. Maybin's problem has been that he overruns plays and has a lack of discipline when on his pass rush. He needs to get stronger physically. He's a long way from being a true starter at the NFL level.

BFR: Speaking of rookies, safety Jairus Byrd has been phenomenal here this season. He was put on injured reserve this week, but has been a ballhawk all year. What are your thoughts on him?

Caplan: Usually positioned correctly, which is usually a problem for young safeties. And he closes on the ball well. He learned well from his father, Gill, who was a solid defensive back for the San Diego Chargers for many years.

BFR: Is there any hope for James Hardy, the receiver Buffalo drafted in the second round two years ago?

Caplan: Not much because he's slow. Hardy has trouble getting off press coverage and has trouble beating defenders consistently off the snap. I don't see him being much of a contributor through the end of his rookie contract. I think WR Steve Johnson actually has more talent.

Stay tuned to the BFR early next week for Part II.




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