Don't underestimate Price

Many Bills fans underestimate Peerless Price's talents. They figure that the reason he put up big numbers as a Bill the last couple seasons was because of Eric Moulds' presence. Without Moulds, they say, Price is just another fast receiver.

I disagree. Defenses double-covered Price quite a bit this year and he was still able to flourish. Price is certainly capable of being a very good No. 1 receiver in the NFL. Granted, he's not as big a target as Moulds, but he is still willing to run across a defense when he's asked to.

Of course, he doesn't like to get hit, but who does?

I've criticized Price in the past for being soft. One of my memories was two years ago when he chased down Pittsburgh corner Dewayne Washington – returning a fumble for a touchdown – and then he visibly slowed down with 10 yards to go, instead of trying for a shoe tackle.

That didn't sit well with me.

But he erased that with his play last year: 94 catches, 1,252 yards, nine touchdowns. He was great in the slot, playing in the traffic that most people thought he couldn't handle. He's strong, quick and athletic.

Still, it's likely Price will make more in free agency than he would from a Bills offer. And we've seen Tom Donahoe doesn't have a lot of love for the Wade Phillips/John Butler leftovers. I don't expect Buffalo to re-sign him.

Price knows he can make a lot of money with this contract. And he doesn't seem willing to accept anything less when he told me, "If (the Bills) want you bad enough, they'll find a way."

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