Postgame Q & A: Terrell Owens

Star wideout dishes on weather, Bills fans and how he could return as a Bill.

On liking the weather during today's game:

(Laughing) If we play like that, I think it's good for us. Definitely it was – I don't know if it was field advantage or what, but we definitely came out and played with a purpose and I think the theme all week was just ‘win one game,' for One Bills Drive. Coach Fewell gathered us up at the beginning of the week and challenged everybody to go out and play as one team and one unit in every phase of the game and I think we did that today.

On if he has seen weather like this during a game before:

It's been a while. I remember in San Francisco we played I think, we may have played in Cincinnati and it kind of snowed, but nothing like this. This is a definitely a first for me.

On the weather playing into the win today:

Both teams had to play in it, so we really tried to establish the run and I think Fred did a great job as far as just being patient, finding holes. He's a heck of a back and he's been playing that way all year and it was just good to be out there on the edge, just everybody blocking up front and trying to help him accomplish that goal of getting 1,000 yards, so we knew that going in and we just tried to do everything that we could on one accord to make that happen today and we did.

On his touchdown today:

Well I think it was an opportunity I felt like we could take. I felt like we could take some shots at some point and we did that. I think we missed one earlier, on a double move, and we just felt like we could take a shot and so that's what we did. I just ran right by the guy and Fitz put the ball in the right situation and made the play. It definitely felt good, obviously, to get that play, to extend our drive, and it was good for the fans today.

On if he thinks this is his last game here:

Well, who knows. I think I've addressed that enough the last few weeks. I know everyone is wanting to know, and I think under the right circumstances and situation, then yeah. I've always said that I'd be willing to come back but I think the situation has to be right and I think they've taken a step in that right direction by hiring Buddy Nix as the general manager. So that's a start, and this is the start of the offseason for us and we just have to see where it goes from there.

On what has to happen to get on the right path:

Well number one I think we have to stay healthy. I think we got the league lead in the number of people on IR. I think that's been our Achilles heel, is that we've had a lot of our key players out during the course of the season. I think every week we've had someone go down, and I think obviously we've got to establish something up front, in order for us to be successful in the pass game, and even the run game, we have to have some stout guys up front and we've been playing with a suffering line throughout the year. So hiring Buddy Nix is a start and so he'll address those issues.

On why hiring Nix as GM is a step in the right direction:

I think he's been here for a while, he's the guy that has a history of knowing football, and over the years he knows what's been needed to get this team to be successful. Again, I think offensively we didn't help the defense out as much as we should have throughout the course of the year. Our defense, they played on long fields, short fields, we never really helped them out when they made stuff, got interceptions, put us in great situations to put points on the board, and we weren't able to do that. So those are some of the things that offensively they'll address.

On acknowledging the fans:

These fans have been passionate from day one, from the initial day that I signed here, just being on the field for the first time, playing our first game here, these guys have been passionate. You saw it today- you had guys out there who were ridiculous – no shirts throughout the whole game! I mean, I was freezing with what I had on! So that just shows you the passion and the love that these guys have for the Buffalo Bills and I just felt like I owed it to them – Again, I told one of the guys earlier, I don't think it's been expressed enough how much they've meant to me and how much they've welcomed me with open arms and I just want to express that.

On having fun today getting caught up in the moment:

Well yeah, that's the thing; you have to get caught up in the moment. Once all that stuff settles down, it's back to freezing. So I tried to keep myself as warm as possible when I was over there on the sideline, but this game was fun from the kickoff and I knew we had some opportunities early on, especially the defense playing the way they did. We came out running the ball, Fred running the ball the way he has all year, for him to get 200 yards, that's amazing. So, he definitely did what he had to do in the run game, when the shots were there we took them and it was just great to end this year out with a win.

On passing Tim Brown for third all-time in career receiving yards:

Yeah, I don't really focus on records a whole lot. Again, that's not something that I really pay attention to unless someone brings it up. Like the game last week, I didn't know how many catches I needed until someone told me how many I needed to get to 1,000. So I know a lot of people, they say that I'm selfish and arrogant and this and that. I play with a lot of confidence, and the things that I've accomplish throughout my career has definitely been due to a lot of dedication, a lot of hard work. A lot of people are not going to acknowledge that because of some of the things in the past that I've done but overall, you can never discount my body of work. No matter what, people can say this and that about me but my numbers speak for themselves and that's something that they can't take away from me. They can try to take away my character by all the negative comments they want to, but they can never erase those numbers that I've put up and a lot of people have helped me along the way, starting in San Francisco with a lot of receiver coaches starting with Larry Kirksey, George Stewart, in Philly, a receiver coach David Culley. These guys, Ray Sherman there in Dallas, those guys had a lot of confidence in my ability and they've helped me along the way as well as a lot of teammates.




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