Q & A with Adam Caplan: Part II

Don't miss Part II of our exclusive interview with Scout.com NFL expert Adam Caplan, who answers all of the pressing issues facing the Bills right now. Caplan offers his thoughts on G.M. Buddy Nix, Brian Brohm's NFL-readiness, the future of Bill Cowher and much more. Caplan has a good sense of what Cowher may do. Get the scoop inside...

Buffalo Football Report: In retrospect, what is your analysis on how Buffalo dealt with the Jason Peters situation?

Adam Caplan: Obviously, his departure was felt right away since the Bills couldn't find an adequate replacement. It's hard to find quality left tackles, so the decision wasn't a good one. They simply didn't want to pay him what he thought he was worth. It wasn't a secret that Peters didn't care much where he played; it was all about the money.

Peters probably didn't deserve to be named to the Pro Bowl based on his inconsistent performance this season with the Philadelphia Eagles, but it was a down year for that position in the NFC, so, in a sense, he turned out to be a selected by default.

BFR: Buddy Nix was hired as the general manager, what do we know about him?

Caplan: Buddy Nix is a veteran personnel evaluator who has worked under some very talented people during his many years in the league. I have little doubt that he's capable of drafting well, but who he chooses for his head coach will go a long way to determine the success of the team. It's just a little curious since he appeared to retire after the 2008 draft, but that didn't last very long. The good news is he had already been working for the Bills for a second go around in early 2009. So he knows their personnel. He worked for the Bills from 1993-2000 and was arguably their best scout.

BFR: Any idea who the Bills may consider to as their new head coach? Do high-profile coaches want to come here?

Caplan: Probably anyone with ties to Nix or anyone who had been with the Chargers during his tenure there. Defensive coordinator Ron Rivera is a possibility. I don't see a high-profile name signing on with the Bills to be head coach. It's going to be a while before they seriously challenge for a playoff spot. Also, it wouldn't be a surprise if New York Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer gets a serious look. His father, Marty, played for the Bills in the 1960's. The younger Schottenheimer is well respected and has worked well developing quarterbacks during his tenure in the NFL.

They tried with Bill Cowher, but a source who worked with him during this tenure with the Pittsburgh Steelers said he really would have strong interest in the Carolina Panthers job should John Fox not return for 2010 or 2011 (when his contract is up). The only way I see Cowher relenting here is if he really wants to coach this season and decides the Buffalo job is the only one worth looking at this point.

BFR: After flopping in Green Bay, do you Brian Brohm rebounding in Buffalo?

Caplan: He has a below average NFL arm, so I think he's best used in a West Coast offense. That scheme isn't really what the Bills used this season, so we'll see what the new coaching staff decides to use. Brohm is best utilized in a passing game which restricts his passes to 20 yards and in. Anything further is a major problem for him.

BFR: Is this team close to being a contender at all? What are the biggest voids the team must address this offseason to inch toward that direction?

Caplan: They need help in several areas from sides of the ball in order for them to be a playoff contender. Offensively, they need upgrades at quarterback, left tackle, and tight end. Defensively, they could use at least one more pass rusher and upgrades at SLB and WLB. Depth is also needed at several positions on both sides.

Adam Caplan is a veteran NFL insider at Scout.com. Be sure to follow him on Twitter here.

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