Off the Field: Brian Brohm

Brohm talks about Eric Wood's recovery, Megan Fox, the Kentucky Derby and much more...

BFR: What was your first impression of a Buffalo winter?

Brian Brohm: Coming right from Green Bay, there's a lot of snow. It was more snow than what I was used to in Green Bay but it wasn't as cold. So for me, I loved it. I love playing in cold weather so it's right up my alley. I'm definitely happy to be in a cold-weather spot.

BFR: Is that unusual for a quarterback? Brett Favre has that great record in the cold but admitted he even hates the cold.

Brohm: I actually prefer the cold to the hot. Any time it gets too hot, I don't like that. So when it's cold, I feel like I can play pretty well in that weather. If I can play well, I know some other guys don't like it so I think that gives me a mental advantage.

BFR: How is it to be back with your college teammate, Eric Wood?

Brohm: Unfortunately, the first week I was here he broke his leg. Hopefully I'm not bad luck for him. But it's great to be back with him. He was my center for every year I started at U of L so we definitely have some game experience together. Being back on the field at the same time will be an advantage for us.

Aaron Rodgers helped Brohm endure his up's and down's in Green Bay.
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BFR: How is Eric's leg holding up?

Brohm: He's doing pretty good. He's able to put a little bit of weight on it now. He's confident that he'll be back and I'm confident in him because he's such a hard worker. I feel like he'll be back and ready to go by the first game. I'm not positive but he's pushing for that.

BFR: If you could pick any five people to have dinner with, who would you pick?

Brohm: I'd probably pick Vince Lombardi to pick his brain on football and his philosophy on winning. I'd pick my Grandpa that I never got to meet and see what he was like. Obviously, you want Jesus Christ there to pick his brain. Probably the president to see what he's thinking. All of these people can have an influence in your life to help you out. The fifth person would probably be Meghan Fox—just to add a little something to the table.

BFR: So more of a Megan Fox guy than a Taylor Swift guy? Fox seems like she'd have a little bit of an edge.

Brohm would go with Megan Fox over Taylor Swift (above).
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Brohm: (laughing) I kind of like that edge….The more you hang around (Swift), you might end up in a song.

BFR: Now, you got a 32 on the Wonderlic test, tied for the best amongst quarterbacks two years ago. What kind of questions are on that thing?

Brohm: Basic logic, math. Some English questions. It's basically school. It's like the SAT.

BFR: For people that don't know, how big is the Kentucky Derby?

Brohm: If you don't know, you need to come down and check it out. It's huge. It's the biggest week in Louisville and Kentucky. It brings in a lot of money to our city. About 150,000 people show up. You can go from being in the infield and going crazy in shorts and a cutoff t-shirt to wearing your most expensive suit up in the box next to millionaires and paying a lot of money to watch the races. It really has every type of person there that you'd ever want to see. It's a lot of fun, a big party. Some people don't even watch the races. They just go there to party. I do watch the race. Those two minutes of watching those horses go around are probably the most exciting two minutes in sports.

Brohm has gone to Kentucky Derby since his sophomore year of high school.
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BFR: Are you a big horse-racing fan?

Brohm: I'm not a huge fan. I don't necessarily follow the horses and know everything about each and every horse but I do go to the track a little bit just to enjoy the races and enjoy the atmosphere. I like being out there at Churchill. It's a great venue. I've probably gone every year since I was a sophomore in high school.

BFR: If you were president for one day, what's one thing you'd do?

Brohm: There's so many things you could do but something has to be done about the economy. I don't know what. I'd get people together and think of some plan that would work. It's tough to know what that is until you're in that seat, you can't really judge or criticize. It's probably the toughest seat to be in, being the president.




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