Bills' stars working out in Orchard Park

Here's a sign of a commitment to winning this season: There are a handful of star players working out at the Bills' training facility even though the team's official voluntary off-season workout program doesn't start until late March.

Eric Moulds, Travis Henry, Josh Reed, Coy Wire, DaShon Polk, wide receiver Andre Rone and defensive back Marcus Floyd are among the players training in February in preparation for the upcoming season.

"I call it ‘the grind'" said Henry. "This is the time of the year where you can really build strength. You can't lift a whole lot of weight during the season because your body gets so beat up." …

It's a bit surprising that Moulds is up in Buffalo right now, given his veteran status. He did work out in New Orleans (where he lives) with strength and conditioning trainer Tom Shaw right before the Pro Bowl. Moulds regularly goes back and forth between cities …

One way to tell whether the Bills really want to keep a player is observing whether they're interested in re-signing him one year before his contract is up, as is the case with Antoine Winfield.

Last off-season, with Peerless Price and Keith Newman approaching the final years of their original deals with the team, there wasn't much discussion about them re-signing – though part of that might have been due to salary cap constraints.

Still, there's little wonder why both players are focused on heading to the free agency market. Buffalo never made a serious-enough effort to re-sign them …

Travis Henry talked to Price two weeks ago at the NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta. The two have played together four years – two at Tennessee and two in Buffalo.

"Peerless was definitely a part of what we built here last season," Henry said. "I want him to stay because he brings a lot of energy. Not to have him here will be a big disappointment. But he deserves what he's asking for. He's paid his dues."

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