Spikes would inject more attitude

Weakside linebacker Takeo Spikes would add some serious swagger to the Bills' defense. He's emotional, intense and outgoing. He's not one of those players who leads by example.

Spikes leads with his mouth AND by example.

Not only is he fast, athletic and intuitive; Not only does he intercept passes, force fumbles, recover them, fight off blocks and tackle with deftness, but he lovably talks trash.

In fact, if Buffalo paired him with London Fletcher this season, the two would be bigger than Waste Management.

Spikes' trash contains a twist of humor.

During last year's Week 13 Bengals-Ravens game, which Baltimore won 27-23 on a 22-yard Jeff Blake touchdown with about five minutes to go, Spikes was doing his best to get people annoyed.

At one point he stared down old teammate Blake from across the line of scrimmage and aimed to get under the quarterback's skin.

"J.B. Let me get one today, huh?" he shouted.

"Can't do it," Blake said, sounding as if he momentarily considered Spikes' offer.

"Huh?" Spikes asked.

"Can't do it," Blake replied.

"You don't give a f…, come on now, you don't give a f…" Spikes said.

Obviously, Blake did give a f…, however, because he threw the game-winning touchdown.

Still, Spikes was good, recording a team-high 11 tackles, including several bone-jarring stops on J-Lew, Ravens running back Jamal Lewis.

"J-Lew, whatchu got for me?" Spikes shouted to Lewis before one snap. "J-Lew, we're gonna be on you today. You might be lucky to get 50 today."

Unfortunately, Lewis rushed for 121 yards, so we know Spikes is not superhuman.

But he would be the prize acquisition for the Bills this off-season.

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