Robinson defends Bills' brass

He's only been with the Bills one year, but linebacker Eddie Robinson defended the way Buffalo's administration does business, a challenge to Keith Newman's charge that team management and coaches weren't up front with him.

"I can only speak on my behalf," said Robinson, "but I haven't had a personal issue with them."

Robinson pointed out that Newman wanted to play more as a pass rusher, but the reality was that the Bills never led many games by enough points to go into full-fledge pass rush mode.

"A pass-rusher is kind of like a home run hitter," Robinson said. "They want their opportunities. But some of Keith's concerns, in my opinion, have to do with the way the season went."

Robinson pointed out at the end of games, many teams were successful at running on the Buffalo defense, and so serious pass-rushing efforts never materialized. He used the Kansas City loss and the two New England losses as prime examples.

"We needed more games like the Miami and San Diego games," said Robinson.

Those were games in which Buffalo had a good lead. But usually Buffalo's defense struggled so much that those kinds of games were rare.

And so chances to see Newman pass-rush were just as rare.

"It wasn't all Gregg and Jerry's fault. Part of it was the defense not forcing teams into these kinds of situations," Robinson said.

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