Bills need Adams

Would signing tackle Sam Adams be the return of the powerful interior line play the Bills have been lacking since Ted Washington left two years ago?


Pat Williams paired with Sam Adams would be similar to when Buffalo paired Williams with Washington occasionally in Wade Phillips' 3-4 scheme. Back then, that was called "The Package," and it rendered opponents' running games useless. Teams couldn't go up the middle and they couldn't run to the sides with linebackers Sam Cowart, Keith Newman, Sam Rogers and John Holecek attacking from behind the Bills' mammoth front line.

The 6'3", 330-pound Adams, who will be 30 in June, might not be as good a run-stuffer as Washington, but he's still very good. He doesn't stand there and clog the middle as the 365-pound Washington does, but he has more upfield push and penetration skills than Washington ever had.

Just watch Adams and you'll see a guy who has quick hands to keep offensive linemen from getting a good grip on him. He's also more nimble than Washington. Not too many guards handled Adams well last year in Oakland.

He'd be a great under tackle for the Bills, adding more interior pass rush and better run-stopping. He's been remarkably injury free during his 10-year career too. I thought Daryl Gardener would be good for the Bills, but his back injuries could resurface at any time.

As for current under tackle Ron Edwards, this will be an important training camp for him, just as last year's camp was important to Erik Flowers. Adams is better than Edwards.

Adams would shift the focus off Williams and get the Bills' veteran nose tackle playing the way he played when Washington was around.

Adams went to Texas A&M, just as Williams did. The two never played together because Williams transferred to A&M from junior college when Adams was already playing for the Seattle Seahawks, who drafted him eighth in 1994.

Adams left A&M after his junior year. Interestingly, Williams is eight months older than Adams, despite just playing eight NFL seasons, as compared to Adams' 10.

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