Trio showing Adams, Spikes the town

Pat Williams, Eric Moulds and Ruben Brown are dining with free agent defensive tackle Sam Adams and linebacker Takeo Spikes this evening at a downtown Buffalo restaurant. The three Bills veterans have emerged as the team's top leaders and have been actively involved in recruiting Adams and Spikes to Buffalo.

On Wednesday night, Williams and Moulds had dinner with the free agent Cincinnati linebacker.

Tonight it's a five-man party, with the free agent Raiders defensive tackle the primary attention-getter.

Heck, maybe Spikes is involved in Adams' recruitment as well.

These are promise-filled days for Bills players and fans. Williams, Moulds and Brown haven't seen this much hope for the season since 1999.

The players like going out to dinner with prospective teammates, away from coaches and administrators, because it's their chance to form a bond and make their pitch for the team. They realize it's in their best interest to draw the top talent because when the team wins, everyone enjoys himself, not to mention, makes more money.

Plus, they generally like fraternizing with other NFL players.

Still, Williams meant business this evening.

"This is our time with them. We got to get these guys signed," he said with urgency.

The 6'3", 315-pound tackle gave the impression that if the Bills didn't sign them to contracts, he was going to sign them himself and pay them out of his pocket.

That's how fired up he was.

This year's off-season has left Williams sky-high. He said Tom Donahoe and Buffalo management have been "making all the right moves."

In fact, he thinks if the Bills acquire Spikes and Adams that Buffalo would be among the NFL's top defenses this season.

Williams knows Spikes through autograph shows and other NFL player functions. He said Spikes hopes to be a Bill, not a Bengal this season.

"He doesn't want to be there," he said. "He sees Buffalo as a team on the rise. He said we got the offense and we'll have the defense with him, me, Sam (Adams), London (Fletcher), Jeff (Posey) and Schobel."

Williams also knows Adams pretty well and they talk quite a bit over the phone. They got to know each other through Texas A&M functions and through agent Angelo Wright, who also represents defensive tackle Ted Washington.

"(Sam) thinks me and him can help each other," Williams said. "That's why he's visiting."

Maybe Williams, Moulds and Brown will see that he and Spikes never leave.

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