Donahoe does it again, plus other notes

Congratulations to Tom Donahoe for having the foresight to franchise-tag Peerless Price a few weeks ago and then move him to Atlanta for a first-round pick. That was a shrewd maneuver; one I suspect other NFL general managers might copy when unrestricted free agency occurs in the coming seasons.

Of course, Donahoe said he would welcome Price back under the one-year arrangement that would have paid the wide receiver $5.01 million, but there's no way of telling if that were true.

What makes Donahoe such a good general manager is that he practices the art of non-attachment. He just doesn't become emotionally involved with particular players, as John Butler seemed to do with regularity – which was partly the reason the Bills were in a salary cap mess most years under his leadership …

Contrary to popular interpretation, veteran weakside linebacker Eddie Robinson didn't demand to be released if he doesn't start this season. I think sometimes fans have this idea that all players are like Bruce Smith, constantly making demands on teams.

But Robinson isn't like that.

All he said was that he wants to play and wants to start. He has spoken to Gregg Williams and Jerry Gray once this off-season, but only about general things – not about his standing on the team. If the Bills sign Takeo Spikes or any other weakside linebacker, Robinson said he'd sit down and discuss his future with Williams, Gray and Donahoe, but it is his preference to remain on the team in the same capacity as last season. There were no hard-stance demands in what he said …

Peerless Price never seemed to have a great relationship with Bills fans, but there was no denying his production through four seasons: 232 catches, 3,302 yards, 22 touchdowns and a 14.2-yards-per-catch average. That's really good and might be tough to replace, even with Josh Reed coming up …

The Bills re-signed Charles Johnson for one year at the veteran's minimum. Johnson caught just three passes last year – and has just 17 receptions the last two years with New England and Buffalo – but he is a good veteran to have around with excellent leadership and teaching skills. Maybe the 31-year-old Johnson, a 10th-year veteran, would play a bigger role now with Price departing …

Pat Williams on under tackle Ron Edwards' development: "Ron's got to get that mindset that he's going to be a dominant player."

Williams, 30, said he notices a difference in some players who enter the NFL today – they don't have the attitude that will bring them success. Edwards is 23 years old.

"When I came in, I was constantly asking Ted Washington questions," Williams said, pointing out that he thirsted to improve. "Now when I go out there on the field, I'm thinking about my family and my kids." Williams uses that as motivation to achieve.

Edwards might be in trouble if the Bills sign Sam Adams. With the Price deal clearing up cap space, Buffalo probably can afford Takeo Spikes and Sam Adams.

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