LeBeau's going to add zone-blitz fire

New assistant head coach Dick LeBeau began his Bills coaching career on Monday. He will primarily be involved in better implementing the zone-blitzing schemes into Buffalo's defense, particularly the pass coverages that help make zone blitzing so effective.


Gregg Williams put to rest any suggestion that LeBeau's presence would cause role conflict among coaches.

"Dick's evaluation of how to improve on defense will help Jerry (Gray) and me," Williams said. "(But) Jerry Gray will still be the defensive coordinator. He'll still make all the calls on game day."

LeBeau referred to Williams as "Coach" – an obvious sign of respect – and was seemingly careful not to step on anyone's toes or look like an heir to the head coaching job should Williams falter this season.

When he was asked about what he would be doing for the Bills, he deferred to Williams. Williams called LeBeau his "answer-man on zone pressure packages."

LeBeau will also help on offense when the Bills are facing an opponent that uses zone blitzing a lot.

In the past, the zone blitz was a Bills killer. There were some games against the Colts when it appeared Buffalo just couldn't handle the trickiness of the scheme. That's where LeBeau comes in.

LeBeau said he wanted to come to Buffalo because he highly respects how each aspect of the organization operates. Plus, he added it has a good football team.

Still, he took about six weeks in deciding whether to join the Bills' staff following his dismissal in Cincinnati.

"I really wanted to coach," he said. "But I wanted to make sure that if I make a deal with an employer, I wanted to see if I could hold up my end of the deal."

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