Adams a better risk than Ford

Defensive tackle Sam Adams and the Bills remain interested in each other. But Buffalo is also looking at Titans defensive tackle Henry Ford. Let's take a look at who might better help the Bills.

Adams is seemingly the wide-body player Gregg Williams talked about when he made his famous "I don't like fat guys" remark during his first few weeks as Buffalo's head coach.

That comment, of course, infers that "fat guys" aren't athletic enough to work within Williams' defense.

Adams, 29, is listed at 6'3", 330 pounds, but his belly does somewhat hang over his belt, and that weight-listing is probably generous. And though he's denied it, Adams has been hampered by accusations that he doesn't like training camp two-a-days, or off-season workouts for that matter, and that he would prefer to skip those by not signing with a team until late in the off-season.

That, combined with a high salary, might be one of the reasons why he's made "pit stops" in Baltimore and Oakland since leaving Seattle after the '99 season.

Still, defensive tackle Pat Williams said that Adams can move. When asked to compare Adams with former Bills defensive tackle Ted Washington – whose weight was always a concern – Williams said, "Sam is more of an upfield guy then Ted. Me and Sam would be the final piece of the puzzle."

Adams has always been heralded for his run-stopping too. But Shout! beat writer Lary Bump advised caution with Adams saying he played terribly against Tampa Bay in the Super Bowl.

It's interesting that Adams is now working with "defensive tackle" agent-extraordinaire Angelo Wright now and not Eugene Parker, who was his agent last year. Wright is Pat Williams and Ted Washington's agent.

Ford, 32, is 6'3", 295 pounds. It's an advantage that Gregg Williams knows Ford well from being the Titans defensive coordinator.

But after nine years in the league, the Titans felt that Ford's abilities tailed off. Titans coach Jeff Fisher said he would like Ford back, but at a nice price.

The Bills should look at Ford with caution, learning from the Eddie Robinson signing. Tennessee general manager Floyd Reese didn't re-sign the weakside linebacker, feeling that his play was sun-setting. So the Bills signed him and Robinson struggled.

Reese has a keen eye for talent, so I wouldn't take Ford's release lightly, even if much of it were due to salary cap constraints.

In the past, Ford has been a good pass rusher and run stopper. Tennessee had played him at defensive end occasionally, but last year he was mostly an under tackle, where he started 13 games. Those were his most starts since 1997, when he started every game. In 2000 and 2001 he was mostly a Titans reserve. At the time, Tennessee had a good group of defensive tackles that included Josh Evans, Jason Fisk and John Thornton. When Fisk and Evans left after 2001, that thrust Ford back into the lineup.

Adams would be a better risk. He's younger, and at least one player – Pat Williams – really wants to play with him. Unfortunately, he'd be much more expensive than Ford.

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