Jennings: Spikes fast, not the fastest

Left tackle Jonas Jennings has faced Takeo Spikes over the years in college and the pros. He recalls one particular instance during a Georgia-Auburn game that he tried to line Spikes up for a block. The operable phrase here is that "he tried."

"I remember trying to cut him on a sweep play," Jennings said, "but I never made it to him because he's fast."

Spikes, at 6'2", 245 pounds, is roughly the same size and weight as former strongside linebacker Keith Newman, but considerably faster. Still, Jennings pointed out that Spikes is not the fastest linebacker he's ever faced.

That title belongs to each of the starting linebackers in Denver: weakside linebacker Ian Gold, middle linebacker Al Wilson and strongside linebacker John Mobley.

"Those guys are like six safeties up there, you know," Jennings said. "But (Takeo's) one of the fastest linebackers. Pound-for-pound he's one of the fastest, because those guys in Denver are a little lighter than him. But he is real fast."

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