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Tom Marino Compiles these rankings

What do the Type / Grades Mean?

Rank - Players are ranked numerically, then they are sorted by Grade
School - School Attended
POS - Projected position in the NFL
HT/WT - NFL measures height in 1/8 inch increments. 5104 means 5'10 4/8", or 5-10.5. "e" means estimated or self reported from college roster. "v" means event verified at combine, all-star game, or private workout.
Type/Grade - NFL Scouts Use a grading scale and a type scale to help separate players. Read More
Draft Range - The Round in which Projects player to be drafted.'s 2007 Top NFL Prospects
Free Safeties 

Rank Name School Pos HT WT 40 Type Grade Draft Range
1 LaRon Landry LSU FS 6014e 205e 4.50e D 1.14 Draft # 1
2 Michael Griffin Texas FS 6010e 200e 4.55e I 1.23 Draft # 1 - 2
3 Brandon Meriweather Miami FS 6000e 190e 4.55e I 1.33 Draft # 2 - 3
4 Josh Gattis Wake Forest FS 6007v 213v 4.50v I 1.41 Draft # 3 - 4
5 Roderick Rogers Wisconsin FS 6007v 187v 4.47v I 1.51 Draft # 4 - 5
6 Marvin White TCU FS 6010v 196v 4.40v I 1.57 Draft # 5 - 6
7 Chinedum Ndukwe Notre Dame FS 6015v 216v 4.60e I 1.72 Draft # 6 - 7
  Olanrewaju Anam Boston College FS 5114v 193v 4.39v G 1.80 Priority FA
  Jonathan Barsi California-Davis FS 5114e 200e 4.55e I 1.80 Priority FA
  Ben Stratton Colorado St FS 6016v 214v 4.65e F 1.80 Priority FA
  Marcus Paschal Iowa FS 6000v 202v 4.59v F 1.80 Priority FA
  Willis Barringer Michigan FS 5104v 206v 4.55e G 1.80 Priority FA
  David Overstreet Missouri FS 5113v 213v 4.65e F 1.80 Priority FA
  Andrew Shanle Nebraska FS 6004e 200e 4.50e I 1.80 Priority FA
  J.D. Nelson Oregon FS 5106v 218v 4.60e G 1.80 Priority FA
  David Lofton Stanford FS 6030e 220e 4.65e F 1.80 Priority FA
  J.J. Billingsley Colorado FS 5102v 181v 4.60e G 1.90 Free Agent
  Troy Pindell Florida Atlantic FS 6016v 188v 4.56v F 1.90 Free Agent
  Leonard Peters Hawaii FS 6006v 212v 4.64v F 1.90 Free Agent
  Will Gulley Houston FS 6037v 223v 4.65e I 1.90 Free Agent
  Brandon Sharp Louisville FS 5094v 194v 4.50v G 1.90 Free Agent
  Wesley Smith Memphis FS 6014v 205v 4.63v F 1.90 Free Agent
  Joey Card Miami (OH) FS 6000e 200e 4.55e F 1.90 Free Agent
  Jeramie Johnson Mississippi St. FS 5100v 210v 4.60v F 1.90 Free Agent
  Trevor Hooper Stanford FS 5110e 195e 4.60e F 1.90 Free Agent
  Epsilon Williams Texas State FS 5103v 202v 4.57v G 1.90 Free Agent
  Brandon Register UAB FS 5096v 189v 4.58v G 2.00 Camp
  Tyler Trettin Bloomsburg FS 6016v 208v 4.65v F 2.00 Camp
  Rashod Moulton Fort Valley St FS 5104v 194v 4.51v G 2.00 Camp
  Troy Grosfield Indiana FS 5106v 184v 4.60e G 2.00 Camp
  Brandon Smith Massachusetts FS 5117v 202v 4.68v F 2.00 Camp
  Ryan Force Montana St. FS 6013v 211v 4.76v F 2.00 Camp
  Kareen Taylor North Carolina FS 5102v 202v 4.62v G 2.00 Camp
  Duriel Adams SE Louisiana FS 5086v 202v 4.58v G 2.00 Camp
  Keldrick Holman Stephen F. Austin FS 5112v 202v 4.70v F 2.00 Camp
  Bobby Blackshire Tulsa FS 6020e 195e 4.60e F 2.00 Camp