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Tom Marino Compiles these rankings

What do the Type / Grades Mean?

Rank - Players are ranked numerically, then they are sorted by Grade
School - School Attended
POS - Projected position in the NFL
HT/WT - NFL measures height in 1/8 inch increments. 5104 means 5'10 4/8", or 5-10.5. "e" means estimated or self reported from college roster. "v" means event verified at combine, all-star game, or private workout.
Type/Grade - NFL Scouts Use a grading scale and a type scale to help separate players. Read More
Draft Range - The Round in which Projects player to be drafted.'s 2007 Top NFL Prospects

Rank Name School Pos HT WT 40 Type Grade Draft Range
1 Mason Crosby Colorado K 6006v 213v 5.32v F 1.39 Draft # 3 - 4
2 Jesse Ainsworth Arizona St K 6024v 218v 4.77v I 1.75 Draft # 7/ C.S.
3 Nick Folk Arizona K 6013v 212v 5.00e I 1.76 Draft # 7/ C.S.
4 Justin Medlock UCLA K 5110e 190e 5.00e F 1.78 Draft # 7/ C.S.
  Brian Jackson Ball St K 5074e 185e 4.90e G 1.80 Priority FA
  Garrett Rivas Michigan K 5090e 210e 5.10e G 1.80 Priority FA
  Kenneth Byrd New Mexico K 5117v 171v 5.00v G 1.80 Priority FA
  Darren McCaleb Southen Miss K 5104e 175e 5.00e G 1.80 Priority FA
  Brandon Pace Virginia Tech K 5100v 197v 4.76v F 1.80 Priority FA
  Tim Mayse Western Carolina K 5105v 221v 5.14v F 1.80 Priority FA
  Andrew Wellock Eastern Michigan K 5106v 183v 5.00e G 1.90 Free Agent
  Michael Barrow Idaho K 5100v 158v 4.76v G 1.90 Free Agent
  Kyle Schlicher Iowa K 5081v 178v 4.83v G 1.90 Free Agent
  Jeff Snodgrass Kansas St K 5117v 202v 4.82v I 1.90 Free Agent
  Jon Peattie Miami K 6030e 200e 5.00e I 1.90 Free Agent
  John Deraney NC State K 6030v 221v 5.08v F 1.90 Free Agent
  Reagan Schneider UTEP K 5104e 185e 5.10e F 1.90 Free Agent
  Anthony Johnson Alabama St K 5090e 155e 4.80e G 2.00 Camp
  Robert Lee East Carolina K 5106v 217v 5.22v F 2.00 Camp
  Chris Hetland Florida K 5115v 181v 5.00e F 2.00 Camp
  Andrew Paterini Hampton K 5100v 188v 4.84v G 2.00 Camp
  Colby Smith MTSU K 5084e 175e 5.15e G 2.00 Camp
  James Wilhoit Tennessee K 5100e 200e 4.95e F 2.00 Camp
  Greg Johnson Texas K 5110e 190e 5.00e I 2.00 Camp