Grading Scale

0.00 - 1.19 Round # 1

1.20 - 1.29 Round # 2

1.30 - 1.39 Round # 3

1.40 - 1.49 Round # 4

1.50 - 1.59 Round # 5

1.60 - 1.69 Round # 6

1.70 - 1.74 Round # 7

1.75 - 1.79 Round # 7 / Compensatory Selection

1.80 - Free Agent (Priority)

1.90 - Free Agent (Secondary level)

2.00 - Free Agent (Marginal)

2.50 - Medical Disqualification

3.00 - Need More Information (Spring grade only)

Player Typing

A - Super Star Quality - Starter in first season. Player has rare athletic ability, position skills, size and production. Top competitor, who can impact a football game. Lottery Selection. (John Elway, Deion Sanders, Roy Williams).

B - Exceptional Physical Talent - Same as an (A) player, but college system or circumstance limits his playing production. Rookie Starter and Pro Bowl player when skills are fully developed. Must have superior athletic skills (except QB). A high first round, top five selection (Irving Fryar).

C - Physically Deficient Star - Same as an (A) or (B) player in athletic ability and or skills, but is undersized. Must have exceptionally high productivity allowing him to overcome his physical deficiency. Usually, but not limited to skill performer (Barry Sanders, Ray Lewis, Dwight Freeney, Steve Smith).

D - Pro Bowl Player - First year regular. Must have the same size, speed, and near the athletic ability and skill requirements of an (A) or (B) player. Dominant Offensive linemen, fall into this category. In most systems (D) players have a greater value then (C) players and skilled players and pass rushers could eventually develop into an (A) performer at the professional level. Immature, Injured, players with personal problems, or playing out of position fall into this category (Randy Moss, Orlando Pace, Terrell Owens).

E - Underachiever - Potential frontline or (D) player, but also a coach killer. Can show up anywhere on the draft board. Lacks overall competitiveness. Usually attractive to teams due to his physical ability. A boom or bust player. Buyer beware!!! Non competitive players do not change (Alonzo Spellman, Daryl Gardener).

F - Overachiever - Has the necessary size for the position plus is a good or better competitor. A solid college player who may have been more consistent in college then many (D) players, but have shown a weakness in one of the following areas: 1) Quickness - Common with offensive linemen. 2) Athlete - Common with both offensive and defensive linemen. 3) Speed - Most common will skill players. Generally a back up type player, who is near or has reached his ultimate playing potential (Joe Andruzzi, Jerricho Cotchery).

G - Small Player - Does not have the required size for the position. Usually outstanding college players, who likely will not maintain the same level of efficiency and effectiveness as a professional. (Bob Sanders, Dexter Coakley, Eddie Drummond). 1) Special situation player 3) Special Teams player 2) Contributing back up 4) Third down or sub-package nickel back

H - Projection - Out of position college player, who possesses both the athletic ability and competitiveness to project to another position as a professional. Must have good or better athletic skills to be considered an H player. Most players in this category will require further skill development. (Harry Swayne, Matt Jones, Drew Bennett).

I - Height, Weight, Speed player - Most contributing to good NFL players fall into this classification. Players final grade cannot be greater then his athletic grade. Players in this category must have the necessary size, play speed, and cannot be limited mentally. (Marcellus Wiley, Jimmy Smith, Laveranues Coles).

J - Undersized Prospect - An athlete who meets the necessary standards (athletic ability and play production) to develop into a (D) or (I) player, but currently lacks the bulk or physical maturity or body type to maintain the necessary weight. (J) players are most common among offensive, defensive linemen, and linebackers. Must have the frame to add and maintain the necessary weight (Fred Dean, Jason Taylor).

K - Free Agent - Has one or possibly two redeeming physical qualities, but is more likely not to NFL standards. May be given some late round draft consideration by some clubs within the league, but other then a special team's player is not likely to upgrade or impact at the professional level.

L - Learning - Must have the critical factors of an (I) or (G) player, but has a confirmed attention, retention, or reading deficiency. Must have good to better playing instincts to qualify. For purposes of not embarrassing or harming players, will not use this grade, but it is a grade given by NFL teams.

M - Instincts - Players show a lack of instincts and awareness for the position. Must have all of the factors of an (I) and (G) player, and the ability to learn. High risk player who should not be considered in the top two rounds.

N - Non Football Athlete - Generally a track, basketball, wrestler, or soccer athlete. To be given "Free Agent" or possible "Late Round" consideration, player must have displayed good to better athletic skills, intelligence, competitiveness, and both physical and mental toughness in their particular sport. A prep football background is preferred, but not essential (Antonio Gates, Cornell Green, Renaldo Nehemiah).